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Monday, April 12, 2010

Changes coming

I will be working on making a few changes in the coming weeks. I am not going to tell you what they may be, you`ll just have to keep checking in to see what it/they are.

I do however have a slight change to announce today. I am resting. My body is sore. Everywhere, physically and emotionally it is tired.

I have become quite overwhelmed with stress lately (pending layoffs), and taken on a lot more workload this month than I normally would.

First off, last night I decided that I would not get up at 5am to go off to the gym. I needed a day of rest (though I didn`t workout over the weekend, I did work). So I got to sleep in until 6:54am. But my body was sore.

It is sore to touch. My skin hurts, my shoulders are so knotted up and tense (I need to book a massage asap). I am just going to take it easy over the next couple of days and let my body repair itself. On top of the stress, I did push myself maybe a little too much last week.

Yes I am training for a triathlon, but it isn`t until Aug 22nd, so taking a few days this week isn`t going to ruin my training. If anything it should help my training immensely.

For breakfast I had some jazzed up oatmeal.
Dried blueberries, cherries, granola, light cocoa powder 1/2 banana.

I took as much of my time this morning getting ready, however because I was out to dinner at milestones last night with my buddies Nick & Amanda at Yorkdale, I didn`t get home until 9pm (after having gotten up at 5am to be at work in Scarborough - blah). So needless to say, I didn`t prep my meals for today. So sadly I was bad, and stood and ate. Stood, and whirled around in the kitchen prepping my meals, and taking spoonfuls of breakfast in between.
For snack,
Granola 4 strawberries and 1, 100g blueberry pomegranate Stoneyfield yogurt.

I do plan on going to Hot Yoga tonight to get a good stretch on and try and relax myself. Sadly, however, today I am due downtown Toronto for a U.M.A.B training session that will likely go until 2:30/3pm. That means, I will be driving home on the DVP in RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC! ! ! ! I will need Yoga badly when I get home.

Off to try and book a RMT into my busy schedule.

- M -

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  1. FIngers crossed you make it to yoga today. It always helps me!

    Sorry things have been so stressful for you. I hope things get better soon.



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