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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new spin on leftovers

You know what is great about making soup that your husband doesn't like? You can throw it into the freezer, thaw it out and know that it's still there untouched, lol. I'm sure that if I served Vegan Lentil Soup to Kevin, that he would eat it, because 1) that is what I put on the table, and 2) because he likes to make me happy by trying new things.

But I did not serve lentil soup for dinner, I had it for lunch.
I also munched on some baby carrots .
My afternoon snack was glorious! I have not tried all the Luna bar flavours. And to be honest just until the other day I had not yet tried Luna bars, only Lara and Cliff bars. Luna bars let me tell you are an easy transition from no nutrient chocolate bars to healthier for you delicious treat. I had thought that the Smores bar was good,
It says caramel, but I tasted a hint of cappuccino in the caramel topping. Hey, I'm saying that is a good thing. If you haven't tried them, I highly recommend that you go out and try some Luna bars. Have you ever tried a Luna bar? What is your favourite flavour?

After work, I had an RMT appointment. I haven't been since Feb 22nd. Much much too long ago. She worked out some kinks I didn't even know I had, mainly because I had so many it was hard to know where they all were. I had my RMT work my neck, shoulders, back and my hamstrings.

Last summer I was showing my second degree black-belt husband kicks I was learning in my box&sculpt class. Well I wasn't warmed up, nor had I stretched before, and I pulled a muscle in my left hamstring. At the time I had no idea how to care for this injury. As a result, it is still tight today. Do you know how to take care of your sports injuries? Do you take care of your sports injuries?
At home I had promised Kevin I would make him some Sheppard's Pie. Though I love Sheppard's pie, decided I wanted to make sure my smoked salmon didn't sit in the fridge waiting to be eaten again and go bad. So I made 2 individual Sheppard's Pie for Kevin. He was so happy.

So I was planning on just doing a repeat of Monday nights dinner, however I came across an entry at Health for the Whole Self. Check out what Katie made that inspired me to change up how I was going to eat my smoked salmon here.

Tortilla with light cream cheese and a sprinkling of Dill.
Topped with smoked salmon, steamed asparagus & yellow peppers. Roll and serve.

With this meal, I was trying something new, brussel sprouts. I always see Caitlin having brussel sprouts on the side. I have honestly never tried brussel sprouts. They have such a stigma attached to them.
Here I go having my first bit of brussel sprouts!
Meh, they were ok. I will have to say that I will do a little more research other than just throwing them in the oven to bake before I try them again. They were kind of bland. I tried to jazz them up with some balsamic, but after about 6 I grew tired of trying to enjoy the flavour. But I WILL give them a second chance.

After dinner I was still a little hungry so I ate my mini breakfast cookie.
Kevin and I cleaned up from dinner and then loaded our bikes onto the back of Kevin's car to go to Long Sault Conservation area for our first bike ride of the season.

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