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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back in the pool

Rainy day number two. That is ok, I really don't mind the rain. It's actually good for my hair. I have curly hair and having all that moisture in the air keeps my curl looking healthy. I do not fight my curls anymore, so I embrace the rain. :-D

Here is what I have come to. Because of the busy work schedule I keep, and workouts that I try and keep regular, I have come to needing to plan out my week of foods and just so I know if I am working out too much I have added in my regular workouts that I do weekly. This way I know if, when I add extra workouts in, if I am not getting enough rest. Also with food it helps me to see what I am missing if anything from the food groups, and it helps me stay creative with my meals (well everything except breakfasts, I'm pretty happy with where my breakfasts are).

This is this week (April 5-11)
It's not actually that I couldn't remember what I ate Monday, or that I am trying to hide what I ate (it's posted here on my blog and in my food diary). The truth is, is that I made this up yesterday, and I couldn't be bothered to go back to either and check. 100% lazy! :-D

For breakfast I added a new spin to my breakfast cookie. Pumpkin!

1/3 oatmeal, 1/2 banana, 2tbsp pumpkin, sunflower seeds, 1tbsp raisins, 1tbsp chia and sesame seeds, 1/8cup pumpkin and 2 tbsp cashew butter. Topped with Greek yogurt.

Last night I worked hard on not rushing around to try and get everything completed. I even had time to crack nuts from their shell. I had this portion of my am snack as soon as I got to to work from the gym. I had done 40 mins of hard weights in my muscle moves class, and then swam for 20 minutes. My shoulders were sore and I was literally dragging my butt in the pool after 20 minutes. It was a great workout, I just wish I had more fight in me to have swam longer.
My fresh almonds and walnut.

Around 10:15 my stomach started to growl so I though I should eat my orange I packed to go along with my nuts.

This is one kitchen tool I could never again live without. Its a citrus peeler. I use it always on my oranges and grapefruits. Take the tooth part of it and score your fruit into 1/4's.
Then with nothing but ease peel the orange. It is scored just deep enough to only score the skin, no fruit is punctured.

I was pretty busy at work doing March's stats. After getting that all done, I was not so much hungry as I knew it was just simply lunch time!

The last of my healthy homemade veggie pizza

I also had packed some yogurt for lunch (I actually had to look for more food to bring with me today to meet my daily required calories). I bulked up my yogurt with some granola.
Blackberry yogurt made even better with some sweet crunchy granola.
I am excited to get work over and done with tonight at my second job, as that means I will have my evenings to myself for the rest of work week. Yippeee!
Have a Happy Hump Day everyone!

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  1. Aw, thanks so much Miranda! Wow, I'm jealous of your food today!!! Although, I had an AWESOME snack. Reduced fat Triscuits with Red bell pepper and Fat Free Ranch (Kroger brand!) Total snack cost me about $7 but I'll get about 5 snacks out of it, so like $1.40 each snack, not bad!!!



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