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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spaghetti Dinner

Though the weather is nice and warm, I ended my day with some warming comfort food. I was at my part time evening job, and thankfully I was only needed sporadically throughout my meeting between 5-7 so I was able to leave during and grab some dinner for 30 mins or so.

This made me happy! This is because normally I don't get out of my meeting and can't eat dinner until 7pm. Though this meeting almost always goes quickly, I find myself so hungry that I almost never taste the food I'm shovelling into my mouth.

So because I was able to relax, I thought I'd make myself a mug of hot chocolate as well. Sadly it wasn't as nice as a mug of tea.

For dinner I had a load of veggies. The whole day today has been a bunch of fruit and veggies. Nothing wrong with that though. They are healthy.

Veggie spaghetti squash.
I also snacked on my afternoon snack veggies that I had yet to eat.
While driving home my husband sent me a message letting me know that he had a surprise ready for me. I love me some surprises!
When I got home I found that Kevin had gotten our bikes all cleaned up, air in the tires, chain cleaned and greased up. This is exciting as I have been just waiting for some decent weather for the two of us to get out and go for a bike ride.
Question: For those of us who live where there are 4 seasons, have you gotten your bike cleaned up and ready for riding?

~ M ~

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