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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yesterday’s embarassments become today’s achievments

I want to start todays entry with something a little positive before I talk about some not so nice things.

What a beautiful morning!

Yes! It is in fact morning. That is in fact the moon over the gym. It was such a nice picture to drive up to as I pulled into the parking lot at 6am.

Yesterday I finished off my planned meals with,
a melange of fruit, strawberries blueberries and grapes.
Chili! Topped with some greek yogurt, so good!

Sadly however between snack and dinner my eating and planned meals only turn a turn, and it was a turn for the worst. Some one had made these,
Multi grain rice krispies, honey and PB.

I had also chowed on some cookies. You know the kind that come in a square tin and are given out as gifts. No pictures of those. Also there are no pictures of the messy binge I went on while putting together my snack, lunch, snack and dinner for Wednesday. I had 2 small bowls (ice cream ‘bowl’) of granola with coconut, pumpkin seed, chia seeds agave nectar and almond butter. After that my craving, because that is what it was a craving not hunger, I then had a bowl of corn flakes with 1/2 banana and honey, then, I had a bowl of kashi cereal with pumpkin seeds, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Ugh, Carb-Overload! I paid for it too. I felt so bloated and disgusting from having eaten so much and in such a small amount of time.

Total calories eaten – too many to count.

Total calories burned – 525.

Total water drank - 7, 8oz classes of water.

From all that however, comes today. Today I have set 4 goals for myself. Here they are,


1) No late night snacking

2) Go for 5.3k run after getting home from work tonight (8:30pm)

3) Stay positive re: work & my progress

4) Stay below calorie count

I feel all of these goals are very attainable. Number 1 will be especially easy to attain as long as I follow through with goal 2.

I am however quite excited to go for a run tonight, as I have added 1 whole KM to my run route. So this should be an easy goal achieving day.

For breakfast before heading to the gym for the scheduled muscle moves class at 6:10am I had,
Rasin, pumpkin seed breakfast cookie with greek yogurt.

Sadly muscle moves was cancelled as Allison wasn’t feeling well this morning and called in sick. Really when the class is at 6:10 and the gym doesn’t open until 6am, I understand why no-one else was called in to sub for Allison.

This worked out well anyway, because, I am a creature of habit. I just assumed my gym shoes were on the top of my gym bag as they always as every morning. Well last night I put my gym shoes beside the bag, not on the top of the bag. I showed up to the gym with no gym shoes, just my black flats that I was wearing lol. A blessing in disguise. However, this meant I couldn’t do any kind of work out on the floor either in lue of muscle moves.

I had brought my swimsuit because I was planning on going for a swim after muscle moves anyways. Swimming doesn’t start until 6:30am, so I killed some time by sitting in the sauna until the pool opened.

In the pool I worked on many of the techniques that Heather had taught me last Thursday. I ended up spending 53 minutes in the pool. Not too shabby.

At work today I have several meetings out of the office which worried me for staying on track with my eating (eating at regular times and intervals).

So far my morning meeting went well and I was back at the office by 10:15am to have my morning snack (wow it had been 5 hours already since I’d eaten last).

1cup Astro no fat Yogurt 1/3cup All Bran Buds and 1tbsp Crasins. All mixed together and left sitting for 5 minutes before eaten.

So far at the gym I have,

Burned 558 calories.

Drank 4, 8oz glasses of water.

~ M ~

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trapped behind my desk away from all sunlight

It’s so sad to be in my office. I try to spruce it up with my vanilla scented air freshner, my own tunes playing, and even opened the blinds to the window (don’t get excited) between my office and my bosses, so that I could get some natural light coming in from his office.

Sadly none of these work. My office is dark and gloomy What are ya gonna do?!?! Though I would have rather stayed in bed this morning, and I almost did, I got up for 5am to head to the gym.


Green Monster - 2cups Kale, 1cup almond milk, 6 strawberries, 1/2cup pineapple 1/2cup mango and 1 tsp ground flax

I headed off to spin class. It was a bittersweet class. Allison the instructor won’t be doing our spin class or muscle moves class in the mornings anymore. This is because Mon&Wed at 5:30 she is doing a fitness boot camp and Tues&Thurs she is teaching a kickboxing boot camp. So instead of doing a normal spin class, we did some 1 – 2 minute drills. Lots of strength training this way.

Mid-morning snack
mini raisin pumpkin seed breakfast cookie

I just made a regular breakfast cookie and split the final product into 2 small Tupperware containers and threw them in the freezer. This way I have 2 snacks ready to go. This was delish! Just missed the yogurt topping. Lunch, with my food diary, I realized that I had not packed enough food to sustain me through the day, so I would need to hit up the grocery store.
That's right I bought a .22cent banana with a 20-dollar bill lol

I also had this salad packed.
2cups romaine lettuce, 1cup sprouts, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, 1 celery stalk 2 oz chicken breast and homemade balsamic.

Well only a little bit of time left here at the full-time job, until its off to the races and off to the part-time evening job. Enjoy the great weather we are having in Southern Ontario today!

Giving it another go!

Well I am back again today starting my blog off with my WordPress blog. After the mess of pictures that was yesterdays failed attempt, I was left feeling frustrated and irritated. However last night when I was blogging with my original blog I ran into formatting problems. I realized that had that been my 4th or 5th blog entry, I would not have known how to fix it, and would have had to keep on giving it the ‘ol college try and figure it out myself. So this gave me the kick in the pants I needed to not completely give up on this blog site, and to keep trying to navigate around. p.s. I hope to get some mega help tonight at work after 7 from one of my coworkers.
Last night was a busy one and I will rewind a little further back. While taking a 10 min break from my desk yesterday afternoon, I realized I needed to make a weekly meal plan. This way I could make sure I was getting enough variety as well as all my food groups within the week. I also thought too that this would help me to see if I was eating enough or not before hand and be able to plan better (when you work 2 jobs through the week planning in paramount).

So I started in on a weekly menu. This was pretty easy as I have lots of meal ideas, however I then realized that I had a lot of holes when it came to ingredients for these meals. Gotta go get more groceries. Sometimes it sucks having to go to the grocery store 3-4 times a week because you area always buying fresh items that get used up so quickly. But my body thanks me for it.

So after work with my grocery list in hand, with the grocery list sitting on my desk forgotten, I met Kevin at the grocery store (he came because the reusable eco-friendly grocery bags were at home, it just saved me a trip).
Back at home I set out to make dinner. Sadly I had a meeting back at the day job office for 7pm, but needed to be there to see people in by 6:30. Despite not going to the gym this evening (because of the meeting), I thought I wouldn't be rushed, I was wrong.

Tofu cooking in Soy Gigner dressing. Mushrooms, carrots, bok choi, bell peppers and onions.

Lots of veggies (too much actually) and some tofu.

So after dinner I was off running again. Thankfully, (though erksom that I drove 20mins to work and another back) the meeting was 15 minutes. I was back home with plenty of time to make some meals for the coming workbonanza that lay ahead. I made a big pot of chili for Kevin and I to eat, I packed up the last serving of my couscous dish, cooked some chicken breast for my chicken salad, and then threw together a breakfast cookie (split into 2 servings instead of 1 to act as a snack). Whoah! :S so much work in so little time.

Kevin and I vegged out on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory, and I caught up on some of the blogs I follow.

By 10pm I was a zombie. I went upstairs and packed my gym back and set my alarm for 4:50am.

Total water drank Monday (not enough) 6, 8oz glasses of water.

Total calories burned (with my run), 525.

Total calories eaten (not counting tasting for quality assurance while cooking), 1,441.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Monday . . . .

Well I am pretty tired, and can't find my USB cord to connect my camera to my computer. I also can't just take the memory stick out and throw it in the laptop, as I am writing from a notebook which does not have the outlet for the memory stick. I will just have to use the pictures that I had already put on the computer earlier today.

So my Monday morning started off early. I got out of bed for 5am. I had a lot to get done before I went to work for 8:30. I wanted to go for a run before I had to go and pick up my car (for those of you who don't know already click on the link to read about my car)bright and early when the dealership opened, just to prove a point (that I had been sitting around all weekend waiting to get it back). So I went for my run. Oh man it was great! Still dark out, temperature hovering around 2 degrees Celsius, and lightly raining. I couldn't ask for more from an early morning run. I did 4.3k in 31 mins. Not too bad for me. I did however at some points feel like I was going at a snails pace, and had to make an effort to speed up (though not too much).

So once I got back and wiped away the beads of water from my awesome jacket, and set out to make my breakfast. I felt that a green monster was called for.
2 cups of spinach, 1 tsp ground flax, 1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup mango, 4 strawberries & 3/4 cup of pineapple. Tasty tasty tasty.

Having lots of time on my hands this morning, I had time to him and haw about what I was going to want for snack this morning. I went with something that I hadn't had in a few weeks. Some yogurt with all bran buds.

Liberte - Greek yogurt, 2 tbsp craisins and 1/3 cup all bran buds.

It was a pretty quick morning at work. Lunch kind of snuck up on me.
2 Kumata tomatoes some buffalo style mozzarella and fresh basil topped with little olive oil and lots of balsamic.

I also had my left over soup from the weekend. Sweet potato soup from Fresh.

Because all of that wasn't enough (it actually wasn't enough to sustain me till an afternoon snack)
An orange.

Lots of veggies today,

5 cherry tomato, 3 celery stalks and 1/2 yellow pepper

Overall not a bad day food wise and plus I feel great having already gotten a stellar run in for the day.

Little words but lots of pictures Sunday

I’ve got a lot of pictures for Sunday. And really they are pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to keep the words to a minimum. Enjoy!

Breakfast Raisin Sunflower seed Breakfast Cookie topped with 1/4 serving of Liberte Greek Yogurt

Snack I kept seeing this spider, and Kevin was never around I sprayed him off the wall with some Shout (it was the handiest thing). Trapped him under a cup and secured it there with the shout bottle. Now Kevin can flush him when he gets home.

Remember I had no car this weekend due to the dealerships mix up on what time they are open to (5, not 6 like they told me). So I am borrowing my parents car to drive to Peterborough to go Rock Climbing. I told them I would walk to their house to get some extra exercise in (2.05k) with lots of steady inclines.
Got lunches for Kevin and I packed.
Other people out walking/running.
My ride - The Impalla
Leather Seats
Picnic in the car!
Tuna Wrap w red peppers
More peppers
All tied in
Locked and loaded.
Kevin sticking his butt out.
Just hanging out.
He's one rock off the ground.
Salmon topped with guacamole, mushrooms&onions, parsnip and sweet potatoes.

2 frozen banana
Blend until,
smooth.Serve like ice cream.

My two new dresses,
Dress 1, love the two tones
#1 - front
View #1 back
View #2 back (front looks the same).
View #3
View #4- my favourite view.
View #5 - second favourite view.
Please note half way through the rock climbing pictures while blogging at wordpress, I got frustrated and gave up. The formatting and alignment was all messed up and I couldn't figure it out. Just called that entry quits and came back here to blog (for today, still gonna see if I can navigate around wordpress).


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