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Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love to try new things!

So thought following other peoples blogs since starting my own (I follow blogs that aren't listed on my list here - dunno how to add them to my list of following other than bookmarking them). Anyway I have been following this one girl Angela (a bookmarked one), and anyway I found out she has a second blog. All about Green Monsters. Don't know what a green monster is? Check out the link for yourself.
As I was not going to the gym this morning rather am taking a few days to myself before the aerobics classes start back up, I thought I would try a new breakfast. A green monster. If it was terrible and I didn't like it, well it wasn't like I had no other time to make something else, I wasn't rushing off to the gym.
So this is my first encounter with a green monster.
First off they are green. This scares most of us to no end. Its a green drink and its not beer on St. Patty's Day.
Second of all this green monster is good for me, sketchy. Green things that are good for you, couldn't possibly taste good at all.
What the heck, I'll try most things at least once.
I had all the ingredients needed anyway, so its almost like I was destined to make this green monster.

1 cup of milk (I only have dairy milk - skim though - you could use soy, almond etc) a banana, 2 cups of spinach, some ground flax protein powder (i only used 1/2 a scoop) and ice cubes.

Toss 'em into the blender. It's recommended on the Green Monster to add your ingredients like this, flax, then protein, then spinach (which I steamed/wilted down first), then banana, then milk. This is so that the lighter ingredients don't get all thrown up into the lid and don't get properly mixed in. I did this and found that everything mixed together well.
I blended these ingredients together for about a minute and then threw in 5 ice cubes to blend in.

Poured into my Gordon Biercsh beer glass from Lordele when he worked at the restaurant before it closed down. It doesn't look at bright or scary as some other pictures. My green monster is a very light coloured green.
Ok time to taste this puppy.
Hmmm not too shabby!

Though I feel that the 1/2 scoop of vanilla flavoured protein powder was very strong and over powered the other potential flavours. But for a first time not too bad at all. I will be experimenting with more green monsters in the coming days.
For my mid morning snack, though I wasn't hungry at all. This is because I ate breakfast around 7:45 instead of the usual 5:10-5:20am. Oh well I held off on snack till almost 11 anyways.

30g of Bulk Bark Chunky Supreme Granola and the last container of Source Yogurt that for some reason Kevin won't eat anymore cuz I bought him new yogurt to take in his lunches (yogurt tubes).

Mix it together.

Not a pretty picture but it tasted good.

At noon we had a staff meeting. As you will recall from yesterday, we have a pizza pizza right below us. When we have staff meetings we order pizza. My boss asked me what I would like on my pizza (last staff meeting they ordered 2 pizza's 1, bacon double cheeseburger and 1 Hawaiian (I don't eat pork or beef). So this time he came around and asked what I would like on my pizza. Its funny how I had to continually insist I was ok eating the lunch that I had packed from home. I had to resort to telling him I had pizza yesterday and I had satiated my pizza craving for the week. He kept saying he felt bad and that there was budget money for lunches at meetings, really it was about 5 mins of me convincing him I was ok not having pizza. Too funny.
As I had my mid morning snack at 11am, I wasn't too hungry to have my soup, so I had my side to my soup.
14 baby carrots and 10 cherry tomatoes.

The meeting felt like it was really short, but really it was a 2 hour meeting. I couldn't believe it as I still wasn't feeling hungry but it was 2pm, so I had to have lunch. I also had my afternoon snack along with my lunch as it was pretty much that time anyways.

Premeasured out this morning, 1 tbsp of light cream cheese.

Spread onto 3 slices of light Wasa crackers. They were stored in the fridge, cuz of the cream cheese and this made the crackers go soggy. I kind of liked it, only for a change though.

I came across a recipe for a Black Bean soup through a blog I follow by a girl named Jen, who got it off of Polly. This is one of my cookings from Monday night.

Sadly the consistency isn't what I would have liked. It could have been a little thicker. Less broth to bean ratio next time. But darn good!

To this point I've had 5, 8oz glasses of water, as I realized I am aiming to log my water consumption on here too and did not do so last night.

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  1. All of that discussion over pizza would have ended in me having a slice! You're an inspiration! :)



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