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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cooking up a Crazy Storm!

Well, the aerobics at my gym are closed this week. That is over the March Break they don't run aerobics classes. So dumb, but whatever. I did not go to the gym Monday. Sunday evening, I did have intentions of going in the morning, and Kevin would have gone through the day, thus allowing us to sit at home all evening together and just relax. Then I changed my mind because of the time change and still feeling like I had lost that one hour, I suggested to Kevin that we go in the evening, and then I could swim at 8:30-9:30. He was game, he was even game for swimming too. So Monday comes along, and I am looking through the fridge in the morning and seeing that there is almost nothing useful in there. At work I made up a grocery list, and decided I would hit up the grocery store on my way home.
Well. . . . .
It ended up taking me about an hour to get all the groceries. So by the time I got home with the groceries, it was 5:30pm. It was 6:15 by the time I had put groceries away, and started in on dinner. I went out and talked to Kevin. I told him I didn't want to go to the gym. He asked me why not, and I said that I just didn't feel like rushing all over the place tonight (as that is the case Tuesday and Wednesdays). Plus I still had to make and pack my snacks, lunches, snacks, and dinners for Tuesday and Wednesday. Kevin thought that this was fair.
I ended up spending like 3 hours in the kitchen cooking cooking, cooking and cooking some more. I cooked, 2 mini turkey loafs, 2 individual crustless quiches, wild rice, salad, a black bean soup, and no doubt I am forgetting something else. All of these meals should be making some sort of appearance in the next 7 days.
So 2 dishwasher loads later, I had the kitchen cleaned up ready to go relax and watch some TV with Kevin at 9pm (Kevin was outside/in the garage working on getting his motorcycle ready for riding after having winterized it). So we settled into the basement to watch some PVRed Grey's and The Big Bang Theory.

I found this picture, and thought it was especially funny, as I was cooking last night the smoke detector went off, oh gosh it must have been at least 6 times. HONEST, nothing I made was burnt, everything turned out swimmingly, however the baking tray that was under everything I was cooking. . . . Well something from a previous use (not gonna lie, when I use it under something else to prevent a mess in the oven, I don't always wash the baking tray), was burning, and caused the smoke. lol. Another funny part is that the smoke detector is right over top of the door between the house and the garage. So when I would go to try and turn the smoke detector off, Kevin would swing the door open (it opens into the house) to come in and see what was going on. So picture it, me jumping up in the air to hit this teeny tiny little button on the smoke detector, and then mid jump, whaoh, the garage door swings open towards me. LOL. So Kevin says he just wants to make sure there is in fact no fire, then says I suppose if there was a fire I would hear yelling from you. I confirmed this. So from there on in when the smoke detector went off I would just ignore it and wait for Kevin to come in and turn it off. I also did this as Kevin doesn't have to jump to turn it off he just reaches on his tip toes. Who knew 2 inches in height made that much difference.
This is what I ate through the day:
6 oz of O.J. 1/3 cup of oatmeal with cinnamon, nutmeg skim milk and crasins.

For snack, as I was out of fruit in the morning when snack was made, I had to improvise with my yogurt and bran buds (which this is the last of the box)

1/2 cup of Astro plain no fat yogurt, 1/2 tbsp of Bio Honey and 1/3 cup of bran buds.

For lunch I ate a lot, or at least I think I ate a lot lol,
2 cups of spring mix, 1 cup of baby spinach, 5 strawberries, 1/8cup of slivered almonds, 1/2 cup of cucumber a pinch of thyme and topped with my EVOO&Balsamic.

I also had 1/2 cup of red grapes and 1 Kashi Chewy Granola bar - Peanut Peanut Butter

For my mid day snack I had 3 celery stalks, 1 tbsp of roasted garlic hummus and a mozzarella cheese string.
After all that grocery shopping I did this is what I had come up with for dinner (fish was previously taken out for thawing)

The makings of a mango salsa.

Divide all the ingredients into 2, 1 for me and 1 for Kevin
1 Mango, 1 on the vine tomato, 2 slices of orange, 1/2 cup of red onion.
Dressing: 1 tbsp EVOO, 1/2 TBSP lemon juice, 1/2 TBSP lime juice, salt & pepper drizzled between the two dishes.

Mango Salsa with 4oz of broiled salmon and 7 asparagus.

After dinner i indulged in not only some apple pie but also 1 ice cream scoop of ice cream.

Not only was I bad having eaten the ice cream and pie, but I also had this. And I have no idea as to how much I had, because I was just dealing with a terrible sweet tooth.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal with skim milk.

The calories that I counted in the Food Diary was 1,432, but I entered the results before I ate the pie, ice cream and cereal.

No additional calories counted as being burned though spending 2 hours at least cooking in the kitchen should count, lol, counting calories for cooking haha.

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