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Friday, March 26, 2010


I am so excited that today is Friday. I have a busy jam pack weekend, but it is not because of work, it is because I am doing a bunch of things I want to do. Let’s see what the run down looks like:

Friday: Dinner at Fazio's in Oshawa with girlfriends from work

Saturday: 10am – 11:30 Hot Yoga

after 11:30 Yoga Conference

Before or after Yoga show late lunch early dinner at Fresh

After fun times in Toronto, I get to pick up my car from getting a tune up, to drive to Peterborough, to visit with Kevin’s cousin.

Sunday: Rock Climbing in PTBO

Dinner at The Old Stone in PTBO to celebrate Kevin’s cousin’s Bday.

Whoah! Yeah that is a lot for one weekend lol.

So last night I got home and had already made my dinner the night before. It just needed reheating. Gotta love that kind of ease.
Couscous w/ chickpeas, tomatoes and edamame

After dinner I had an 8pm apt at the local pool with a lady named Heather. I have never met Heather before, rather got her name and contact information from my hot yoga instructor. Jana from hot yoga said that Heather could be very helpful for me to meet up with, with regards to my Try-A-Tri training. I got a hold of Heather and asked for help with my swimming. I wanted to be more efficient and gain more technique with my swimming.

Well! Wow what a great workout. Initially I was quite nervous as Heather sounds very hard-core with her credentials and speaking with her. But wow what a great teacher. I made a lot of progress. For those of you who know about swimming, she had me swim one length as I normally would. She counted my strokes. 27. Through learning how to make my body more efficient and used stronger better strokes, after 1 hour I was down to 16 strokes. I still have a lot of work to do with swimming, but now I feel like I have some direction to move towards as opposed to just banging out 10 laps of the pool. Plus I burned 400 calories doing it! HAHA.

Total water drank Thursday, 7, 8oz glasses of water

Total calories eaten aprox 1,685.

Total calories burned yesterday working out, 420.

For breakfast Friday morning, I was excited to have some O.J. It has been a while since I’ve had O.J. So last night I went to bed before Kevin did. I asked him to take out some O.J. from the freezer and let it thaw and I would make it in the am. Well sadly he forgot. So no O.J. with my breakfast today.

Put my yogurt on the breakfast cookie

This was a great filling breakfast to have before running off to the gym for Cardio Bosu class. We are working on doing circuit right now. I love them. I feel like I work my whole body, I DO work my whole body.Doing burpies, lumberjack lifts, side plank twist & more that I don’t know the name of. After bosu class, I went into the pool. I tried to work on all the techniques that I learned last night from Heather. Not all at once, but one at a time. Man I need more practice and need to think about what I am doing more. Oh well lots of time.

Sadly the shower was freezing cold. I was fed up. I toweled off and threw back on my dirty gym clothes and headed home. 10 min drives are way longer 1)when its not 5:45am and 2) when the rest of the world is up driving around following the speed limits, lol.

No matter I made it to work on time.

At work I grabbed my snack first thing. My stomach was grumbling. Remember I ate breakfast at 5:10am. Now I’m at the office at 8:30. Its snack time!
175g Greek yogurt, 1/4cup pumpkin, 7 walnut halves, 20g raisins 1/4 cup oasts and 30g of granola seasoned with cinnamon

So Yummy and filling. I haven’t felt anxious about lunch hour coming around today. Though this is so many more calories than I am used to eating for mid morning snack however. Normally I aim for 150-200. This one ws 363. Guess that is why I feel so full.

So far I’ve had 4, 8oz glasses of water.

Total calories burned at the gym this morning 587.

Excited for the evening to come!

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