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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I feel like the last 9 days have been nothing but a whirlwind. I guess that is what happens when you have been working 9 days in a row (3 more to go before I get a day off). Tuesday I was rushing, so in my own head, that I didn't take 30 seconds to stop and look at my training agenda to see how long I needed to run on the treadmill for (and remember I didn't swim Monday am like I was scheduled to do either, too much working getting in the way). I realized this after I had already briskly walked for 5 mins and was running for 2. I decided to just run 10 mins, and worst case scenario would be that I would be 5 mins short on my running time. Sure enough I was 5 mins short on my running time. I was irritated but kind of ok with this, because I had just burned 440 calories in my 40 min spin class and then jumped almost immediately onto the treadmill, and my legs weren't all that wobbly (granted there is a 5 min cool down part to spin class, but still).
When I got to work I looked at my triathlon training agenda, and saw that I can add an extra run to get my 15 min run in on Saturday am when I'm already gonna be at the gym to make up for Monday's lost swim.
Recently I took the plunge and bought a new flavour of gum. I have been looking at this Solstice 5 gum for a few weeks now. I was worried that it would be a spicy kind of cinnamon gum that got really minty cold after. I really hate that super cold feeling some gum gives you, especially if you are drinking water too, your mouth is just too cold the water hurts to drink. Anyways, I bought it and it is a nice refreshing gum. Not too hot at all, kind of mild, and its not super minty either, and just a hint of sweetness. It's official, this is my new go to gum. Not that I'm obsessing over it but whaoh! 5 cals per stick of gum! lol

For breakfast, I have decided that this will be my spin class morning breakfast. I find its the best when you have less than 1 hour to digest your breakfast and then spin your hardest. Its not heavy, but filling, plus like I said before, it gives you the nice warm feeling in your belly when you eat it. I also realized on Tuesday that at I have been incorrectly logging my oatmeal. I noticed this as the calorie count was 225, and I thought there is no way just oatmeal plain was more calories than some cold cereals I eat. I looked into it more, #1 I had entered 3/4cup of oatmeal as a serving and it was also the wrong kind of oatmeal. Wednesday that problem will be fixed!

1/3 cup of oatmeal .5tsp nutmeg 1 tsp cinnamon 1.5 tbsp crasins (to finish off the bag) with a splash of skim milk to cool it down, and 6oz of O.J

For snack I had my favourite kind of snack. It's almost like a mini second breakfast, which is why it works so well for an early morning snack. And I do mean early morning snack. Remember I am up at 5am to have breakfast, so I am eating my morning snack as early as 9am some mornings, and as late as 10am.

1/2 cup of Astro no fat plain yogurt, 3 fresh (that smelled so fresh and were) strawberries and 1/3 cup of Kellogs all bran buds.

Lunch I packed 'more' than I would normally eat, in that I had a snack packed to eat along with lunch. This is new to me since being on this weight loss journey/maintenance. But is great for this very reason. If I didn't have the snack with lunch I would have been so low in my calories for the day. And well I would have felt hungry. And well we all know what happens when we try to eat healthy through the day but unbeknownst to us, we haven't had enough calories, we, or at least I end up binging when I get home in the evening on nothing but crapola, only to regret it seconds after finishing the binge

2 cups of cabbage, 1 thinly sliced red onion, 1/2 of a royal gala apple topped with 1/2 tbsp of cider vinegar and 1 tbsp of olive oil. Lunch snack was a navel orange, it looks smaller than it was in my hand this way.

My mid afternoon snack was very tasty. However this only lead to a ravenous attack in my stomach. Once I got to my second job for the day 4-8. Well I had to meet with my supervisor at 4pm (jokes - the only way to describe it. We met for my annual performance evaluation, and basically I wasn't happy with how things were worded in a few places, so I asked her to alter the wording, which she begrudgingly did. She constantly told me 'oh that wasn't meant to be a negative', I asked to to change it anyways, she did in front of me and read all the changes aloud asking if I was happier with it now.)
Anyway like I said I ended up getting super hungry, because I had a meeting at work over the dinner hour from 5-7pm. I had already had my afternoon snack that I really should have saved until later in the afternoon, but I didn't. I ended up eating 2 Quaker chewy granola bars - chocolate chip flavoured as well as my Kashi Granola Bar. Oh well I had the extra calories for them today that didn't put me over.
a Kashi granola bar, 7 grains and almonds (sorry no pics of the 2 other granola bars)

Dinner was a repeat from Sunday. Sadly these pictures don't do the meal any justice. This is because I had to eat dinner out of Chinese take out Tupperware lol. Anyways if you want to see a nicer plated version of the same meal, just go to Sunday's post.

2 Old ElPaso tortilla shells, 1/4cup of Old ElPaso re fried beans, 3.5 oz of grilled chicken breast, 30g of Cracker Barrel light old cheddar cheese grated, 1 cup of Romain lettuce, 1/4 red peppers on the wraps with 6 halved grape tomatoes. Then I had 1/4 red peppers and 8 baby carrots to eat with the meal on their own.

Total calories taken in 1,759, (without workout allowed 1,390 - today with additional workout calories earned I was allowed 2,135 - uhhh yeah no way I'm gonna even try and eat that many calories lol).

Total calories burned 775 (though 40 min spin class, 10 min run at speed of 4.5 with alternating incline of 1.0-1.5, and 5 min warm up at incline of 2.5 spd 3.5), then I did some ab work and stretching)

Overall for Tuesday I resolve that come Wednesday and the rest of the week I am going to take pauses throughout the day, to take a deep breath, to re centre myself to better focus on my day and what I am doing in that moment. I will make sure that I am aware of what I should be doing (workout and home life wise). To a better more relaxed rest of the week.

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