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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Its the end of the work week!

Good afternoon! Well I'm writing about my Friday. Sadly it was very uneventful throughout the day. It was nice to however to spend a quiet evening at home with Kevin. Kevin and I ended up watching the movie The Invention of Lying. Sadly however this was a comedy with Ricky Gervais, was not a very good movie. It was ok, but not great. Def glad that we watched it at home and not at the theaters. lol

Friday mornings at 6:10am I have my Cardio Bosu class. What is Cardio Bosu? You know the workout ball you see at the gym? Well ever see the half ball with a solid bottom? That is a Bosu ball. So incorporating some cardio with that. You can use it like a stepper but you need more balance which works your core more. It's a new class that started after the new year at my gym and I love it and am happy that other people like it too as it is back on the schedule for the next season.

For breakfast before going to Cardio Bosu, I ate,
1 cup of Kashi Go Lean cereal and 1/2 cup of skim milk
Well now lets remember that it was Friday, and well who really gives 100% on a Friday. Not I. I gave 40% Friday. LOL Terrible I know!
Come snack time I had another reliable go to,
1/2 cup of Astro no fat yogurt, 1/3 cup of blueberries and 1/3 cup of all bran buds
Lunch time I was looking forward to. A lunch that I often have however hadn't had in like maybe 2 weeks LOL.
20 mini mini bocconicci, a combination of grape and cherry tomatoes (20 in total) and 10 torn up fresh basil leaves. All topped with 1 tbsp of Olive Oil.
Come snack time I realized that I was going to be low on my calories for the day. But isn't that a good thing you ask? Negative. You want to make sure that your caloric intake is no lower than 1,200 calories. If you aren't eating 1,200 calories minimum on a regular basis you will not lose weight rather you will put your body into starvation mode, which means it will store fat in your body to be able to nourish you as you aren't doing so with food.
Anyways, I went to my drawer and grab one of my emergency snacks.
1 Kashi Chewy Granola Bar - Peanut Peanut Butter
The rest of my snack is pictured here, and please note the little mini baby carrot.

3 oz of Bolthouse baby carrots
When I got home from work I set right to making dinner. Kevin decided that he wanted to take a picture of me as I was finishing taking our dinner out from under the broiler.
Here below you can see the picture I took of my dinner beside Kevin's dinner. His looked so damn good and delicious, and mine just look so bland and boring. However when I sliced it in half and 'styled' it on the plate it looks better.

My dinner was 1 Old ElPaso tortilla wrap, with 3 oz of Light Chunked packed in water tuna, with 1/2 tsp of dill. Then 1 oz of cracker barrel light old cheddar cheese. I also threw in 1/4 of a red pepper and 1/4 of a green pepper on the side to add some veggies to my dinner.
Kevin and I went to Costco Friday night, but I will write about that a little more on my Saturday entry.
Friday's total calories eaten 1,618 (was supposed to eat1,928 because), total calories burned 548.

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