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Thursday, March 18, 2010

And it was St. Patrick's Day

Well, sadly I did not give proper respect to St. Patrick's Day at all yesterday. I did not wear green, I did not drink green beer, terrible I know! I was actually not feeling all that good yesterday (Wednesday). I was all bloated feeling, completely unmotivated while I was at the gym, and struggled with my food choices. And sadly I did not stay on track with healthy eating. And to boot I mowed down on a Cheese Slice from Pizza Pizza and then realized that I did not snap a picture of it. Hmmmm :-S
I am not saying oh well this week is gone to shit so I might as well keep on with the bad choices, I am admitting defeat to this point, but rather than continue on this way, I am going to try my best to get back in the drivers seat with food, and not give my full 100% I usually give with working out. I need the rest, so I am going to do some working out just not the amount I have been doing. Monday aerobics classes start back up, so I will give my 100% starting again Monday.
After my pizza binge, I really wanted to want to go for a run Wednesday evening. It was perfect weather out, however I just couldn't shake not feeling all that great. Vicious cycle, I knew I wasn't feeling well because I wasn't eating to the best that I could, and yet I continued to eat crap. Messed up eh!
I almost didn't even go to the gym Wednesday morning. 1. I was late by 30 mins from when I usually leave to go to the gym which threw me off. I was late because the night before I was so tired I didn't empty my gym bag and repack it for the morning. You know how the elusive 'They" say that people who go to the gym in the mornings are less likely to make excuses and not go, well I always thought that sleeping in was an obvious way too easy excuse to not go to the gym. Well this is why they say there are less excuses. Wednesday morning I got up and had my breakfast, packed my lunch and dinner for my day and evening job then packed my gym bag. I was running late and thought to myself 'man I just don't want to go', but what would I have done had I not gone?! It was 6:10am!!! Seriously I had just eaten I couldn't very well go back to bed! What else would I have done to kill time until having to be at work for 8:30am?! Nothing, I had no excuses or anything else I could have done. So I went to the gym.
At the gym, I worked on my legs with the weight machines (I did my arms Tuesday). I did weights for about 40 mins. Then I had to get into the pool so I could try and get a 20-30 min swim in. Well I got in the pool and cranked out 2.5 maybe 3 laps front stroke. Then I kind of just petered out. I didn't have the motivation to keep pushing myself. It wasn't so much that I was tired or sore or out of breath, I just didn't care. I did continue to do a few more laps doing breast stroke and back stroke. As I did these, I was yelling at myself *in my head* saying that if this was the triathlon that I would be disqualified for not being able to do the 375meters in the 20mins, that this was no way to be training, I would be panicking in the water right now if this was the race. Just completely beating myself up. So here I resolved that I would contact this lady Heather. I got her name from my yoga instructor. Heather is the head coach with the Running Maniacs out of Bowmanville/Newcastle. I am not going to contact Heather for running coaching (though I may later), rather I am looking to Heather to help me with my swimming. Don't get me wrong I can swim fine to just be in the water. I want to work on my technique and endurance. So we'll see how that goes.

Kevin and I after dinner and getting back home, decided that we would go out to the hot tub for the first time in at least a good 6 months. Being that it was St. Patrick's Day I thought it wouldn't hurt to have one beer. So Kevin grabbed me one of my Bug Light Limes. (Ohhh I did wear green - lol my bathing suit!). Cheers!

Kevin and I snapped a few pictures of each other while we were in the hot tub. The camera is waterproof so no worries if we dropped it in the hot tub. I told Kevin that another plus to my blogging is that we are snapping so many more pictures of ourselves and what is going on in our lives than we normally would, which is nice.

Here is Kevin chillin in the hot 104 degree water. I wouldn't have put this picture up except that Kevin said that he really liked this one. I was just goofing around, but whatever.
A nice one of the two of us. I really like how the steam coming off the hot tub makes this picture.

So for my meals, *remember I already outed myself and the pizza slice debacle*

I made myself another breakfast cookie. This time I had a Bolthouse Cappuccino drink and a yogurt alone with it. Wednesday's breakfast cookie was made the same as Tuesdays, however this time I left my cookie in the freezer so that it was more solid and could be picked up like a cookie. I just let it thaw for 10 mins after coming out of the freezer.

For snack:
1/3 cup of Bulk Barn Chunky Supreme Granola, 7 walnut halves 1/8 cup of slivered almonds and 1 tbsp of crasins. Lesson here, that is way too much calorie wise for a snack.

Man Wednesday's food looks a lot like Tuesdays food.

5 strawberries 1/8 cup of slivered almonds, 20g of goat cheese, 2 cups of baby spinach and 1 cup of spring mix. Topped with my own Balsamic Vinaigrette.

With lunch I also had 3 Wasa light crisp breads with 1 tbsp of Kraft Smooth PB.

For my afternoon snack, I had 1 Royal Gala Apple sliced and 1 Cheese string.
Sadly this is where my eating habits went down the pooper. The cheese string was so good. That is what gave me the craving for more. This is when I went down to the Pizza Pizza below the office and got a cheese slice. Minor and i mean VERY minor victory when the guy behind the counter asked me if I wanted to add a can of Coke for an extra 50 cents I said no. LOL

So I called in sick to work for the evening, as I was not feeling like sitting around at work and in meetings feeling all bloated and just emotionally beaten down. So as I was driving home, I had gotten off the 401 and was 2 streets away from being home. I got a txt msg from Kevin (bad girl I know txting and driving in Ontario is Illegal - S C A N D E L L O U S!) Anyway, Kevin had been over at my parents thought the afternoon helping/leading the basement renovation project at my parents. He messaged saying that we were invited over for Chinese dinner tonight. I sighed a big sigh, as I was fully ready to go home and take a nap. So instead of turning right to go to my house, I turned left and headed to my parents. I chilled on the couch with my mom who had also called in sick to her job last night. They ordered their Chinese, and I had already said I didn't want Chinese. Mom asked why not. I told her 1. its too full of sodium and other unhealthy crap and 2. I already wasn't feeling well so Chinese wasn't going to help that problem one little bit.

Here is the dinner table. Everyone dishing out their Chinese. Check out my plate bottom right.

This is what I had packed for myself for dinner for work at my evening job. Chicken Loaf (not meat loaf, made with ground chicken) 1/4 cup of wild rice and peppers (1/3 yellow and 1/2 red).

Now though my brother Matthew says that I didn't get a fortune cookie as I didn't eat Chinese, I took one anyways.
This is what it said on the back of my fortune, Learn Chinese - Please . LOL

This is what it said on the front: There is a gradual improvement. Feelings are sweet and tender.
I will take this to mean something +ve with regards to the healthy choices I am always trying to make. *cough* though I did eat the cookie lol.

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  1. Breakfast cookie.... intriguing. Maybe I'll try that.



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