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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dinner Time!

So today a friend on Facebook was talking about how she was snacking on some Edamame. Got me on the kick to go to the grocery store Lawblaws and look for some in the organic section. Well my Lawblaws in town wasn't a superstore. Sadness. So instead I went to the Japanese restaurant in Bowmanville. YES you heard me right Bowmanville has its own Japanese restaurant. We are moving up in the world. Whoot whoot!
So I placed my order.
While I waited they gave me a Green Tea to drink. It was deliciously mild and not too hot but not too cool.
This salad and soup miso soup came along with my order.
6 rolls with some oh so fresh cucumber, avocado and crab.
Some Sushi
Some wrap thinger, not really sure what all was in it, some crunchy brown thingers, and some edamame.
A close up of zee fish
This was quite possibly some of the freshest tasting rolls I've had in a long time.
This is the unknown item to me. Anyone know what those brown things are?
Edamame. This is just a small small amount that I got. Left overs for snack tomorrow.
All in all a good dinner.

After dinner I was getting ready to go for a run, as I decided I didn't want to have to go to hot yoga tonight. That I have been able to identify as my problem this week. I feel like I HAVE to go to the gym and get my workouts in. Well I wanted to enjoy the beautiful weather and go for a run outside. But I got a txt from Kevin. Said he was on his way home 1.5hr early. So I waited for Kevin to get home. Then we went for a run.

We went and ran up to my parents house and back around *we didn't stop in at my parents*. Total the run took 35 mins, lots of hills both ways, about 4.2kms. Not too bad.

Drank a total of 9 8oz glasses of water today.

Burned about 655 calories from the run.

Ate about 1,391 calories.

I am feeling so much better than I have been the rest of the week. Emotionally and physically.

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