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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well yesterday started off as a rough one. You can tell because I posted about Monday Tuesday morning. So that was how I felt Monday evening and into the better part of Tuesday afternoon. After writing my blog yesterday I was determined to boots myself up. I wasn't going to let work affect my motivation and health anymore than it already had. I feel like I'm trying to show my stress Ha! Take that! You can't make me eat more than I need to! So now that I've seen my stressor, I am determined to beat it. I did really well yesterday too at staying on track. I'm not saying things and choices were prefect but 100% better than they had been.
Because I was busy out of the office at meetings yesterday from 10:30-2, I wasn't sitting around obsessing. Though when I got back to the office at 2pm, I was ravenously hungry. I ate my lunch and part of my afternoon snack together.
With my second job for Tuesday (the one I might possibly get laid off from), I got to leave early, as I had a meeting I was invited to go and speak at. I got out of that early (7:30) and was home by 8. I was excited, I was feeling good, I knew that I was going to stay on track.
I had decided early too in the evening that as long as it wasn't pouring rain I was going to go on my 4.3k run when I got home from work. And I did just that. I walked into the house with purpose, focused only on what I needed to do to get ready for my run.
Change into workout clothes - Check!
Find HRM & chest strap - Check!
Snap a quick picture in case I come home drenched - Check!
Ipod - Check!
I was ready to go. And I ran. It was great. Fresh air, getting back into the grove. It was so nice. I could feel my spirit coming back. I wasn't in my funk anymore. I knew too that when I got home I wouldn't feel the need to sit down and snack. I had Sh*t to do (pack my lunch 2 snacks and dinner for Wednesday, pack my gym back for Wednesday am and wanted to read my new Shape and Fitness magazine - didn't get around to the reading, oh well).

Anyways, so this is how I nourished my spirits back to the + side.

Breakfast was another Green Monster.
3 cups of kale, 1.5 beats, 1/4 cup of blueberries and raspberry, 5 strawberries, 1 tsp ground flax, 1 whole banana and 1 cup of earths own almond milk.

For my morning snack I was excited to have another one of the first batch of Miranda's edition of the 5 Minute Granola Bars.
Lunch as I said came late. Not till 2pm.
3 Wasa Light crackers with 1tbsp of Philly Light Cream Cheese
1 cup of the homemade black bean soup.
I also ate all my pineapple from my afternoon snack with my lunch.
I ate the grapes once I was at work around 4pm.

While driving to work I thought I would eat my Laughing Cow cheese. Note to self and others, DO NOT eat this cheese on its own. Its more like eating a spoon of cream cheese. Not meant for nibbling on. I didn't' eat the rest of it.

I also grabbed myself a Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte on my way to work. Was a good girl and didn't get the Venti.
Oh NO! At work there was left over birthday cake, Jelly Belly's (walmart style) and other candies. NOOOO! I was going to be good today. Meh, I didn't eat that cheese, and as long as I use moderation, whats a few?I had about 3 handfuls, well no I picked out about 5 (I hunted for colours I wanted lol) each handful so 15 in total.
Around 6pm I noticed I was shaking, low blood sugar. I stepped out of my meeting for 10 minutes and grabbed my salad that I had packed for dinner.
2 cups of spring mix, 1 cup of spinach, 5 strawberries, 1/4 cup of raspberries, 1/2 fresh mango, 20g of goats cheese 7 walnut halves and topped with EVOO and Balsamic.

Here I am all ready to go out for my run. Sadly or I guess on a good note I didn't get noticeably wet (thanks to the jacket), but my shoes and socks were drenched. Didn't take a picture of that for ya lol.
While I was running I wasn't out of breath of feeling tired, rather my lower calves were hurting me. It couldn't have been that they were tight from other work outs as I hadn't worked out in a while. I couldn't figure it out. But that was the main reason ta ht I took breaks from running and walked. Anyway with 1k left I realized, Oh I put on tall socks, the ones that pull up to your lower calf. These were new socks, so not yet stretched out. Ooops I guess that they were a little too tight on me for an evening run. Oh well. Note to self for next time.

Total water drank, 9, 8oz glasses of water.

Total calories burned, 544.

Total calories eaten, 1,486. Much better than the last week. And remember add that 544 to the normally allotted 1,380. So not bad, not bad at all.

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