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Sunday, March 14, 2010

I slept and woke up in the future

I woke up this morning at 9am. I went downstairs and made myself some cereal. I made myself some corn flakes (1 1/4 cup with 1 tsp of honey - sorry no pictures), I glanced at the PVR time and it said it was 10am. What?! I looked at the clock on the stove and the one on the microwave. 9am. I looked at the battery operated clock in the kitchen, 9am. It took me a little thinking, trying to figure out why it said 10am. Oh yeah last night the clocks sprang forwards an hour.

I felt that I had really lost an hour, having forgotten about having to change the time. I had several plans for the day and didn't feel that I would be able to get it all done before stores closed (being Sunday and all). Oh well.

Kevin and I were going to go out for a run. Last night while driving home from PTBO, I measure the distance that Kevin and I had run the other day. 1km exactly, which means when we went for our run Friday, we ran 2kms. This is especially good because the Triathlon run portion is 2.5kms. Hmmm good news indeed!

On and through reading other blogs I have seen these breakfast cookies, they look so darn good. So I went and found myself a recipe, then headed to my moms. The two of us went out to run some errands, while Kevin went over and helped dad work on their basement renovation (part of our xmas gift to them).

Mom and I went to the Bulk Barn and this is what I got. p.s. what a waste of plastic bags grrr.

some wheat germ, 7 grain flour, granola, ground almonds, ground flax & wild rice.

So like I said earlier there are no breakfast pictures today. But I did add this to my breakfasting.
1 cup of homemade coffee with 1/4 cup skim milk & 1 tsp white sugar.

For lunch I had my left over salad from last nights dinner. I was pretty excited to have this again.
About 2 cups of spring mix salad, some carrots, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, feta cheese, sprouts and some roasted red pepper salad dressing.
I also had this with dinner.
1 Kashi 7 whole grain and almonds granola bar.

For snack I had an apple.

With the core my apple weight 184Gs, Sliced with the core out (no the bowl isn't being counted in the weight) 156 Gs.

I also had this with my apple.
About 7 walnut halves.

Dinner we had taken out some chicken breast and had decided to grill it on the BBQ. This chicken was going to be added into our pasta that we were cooking. The bad news is that both Kevin and I forgot about the chicken out on the BBQ, and had sat down for dinner with the pasta portion. Almost being partially done our pasta Kevin says to me "hey is the chicken still on the bbq?" lol This is what our chicken ended up looking like. Inedible.

This is what I made for my pasta:
1 cup of spinach, 7 baby carrots, 1/3 , 1 cup of broccoli and 1/2 cup of pasta sauce.

Here it is sauteing in the frying pan.
Here is Kevin's plate with his two slices of bread with homemade garlic butter, and my plate on the right.
It looks like so little, but its only 85g of pasta noodles to all that veggie.

Kevin asked for some pie for tonight, so I obliged him, and picked him up his very most favourite apple pie. I got out my scale and served myself 100g's of the pie which was the serving size given on the box. Here is my portion of pie.
After dinner, though I didn't want to go, I did get out to the pool and swam a total of 10 laps that took me just over 20 mins. It was kinda hard though swimming today. Though there weren't many people in the pool there was a lot of waves making it hard to swim straight. But this is good because swimming in the lake for the Triathlon there will be so many people our there with me and the current from the lake to take in effect.

Total calories burned today through exercise 300.

Total calories eaten today, 1,248

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