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Saturday, March 27, 2010

So much, I don’t know where to start.

Well I don't know where I will start. I will start by ending my day Friday. Friday I went to a meeting at work. At this meeting I was expecting to hear what departments would be effected by the budget cuts as a result of the gov't "lack" of funding. Well we didn't, and all they told us was that 7 mgmt and 24 employees would be let go. Of those 7 mgmt, 2 had already left or were in the process of leaving, and of the 24 staff 2 were in the same position. Great. Even when they were asked direct questions, the E.D and supervisor of HR would dance around the questions never answering (even when asked what they are doing to support their staff through this stressful time - they had these gobsmacked looks on their faces). The only other piece of information that was relevant to what I was looking for, was that layoffs wouldn't start until April 19th. Ugh! So pissed. I actually left the meeting feeling sick to my stomach, and when i called Kevin, I started to cry. I let him go though, as talking on the phone crying and driving don't mix well.

Before the meeting I had:

Spaghetti Squash with lots of veggies and 1/4 cup of tomato sauce.

After work i waned to eat a snack as I hadn't eaten since lunch and I was going out for dinner with my girlfriends. I didn't want to be super hungry at the restaurant for 2 reasons. 1. I didn't want to be ravenously hungry with so much rich food available and 2. this way I wouldn't be buying an appetizer.Once at the restaurant, I ordered a drink, a strong one at that. For many reasons. As I said above, the whole layoff drama, and also because my car is in a the dealership getting it's oil changed, so Kevin drove me and would be picking me up (I dropped it off on my way home from work, the service guy told me they were busy Saturday, and I might not get my car till later in the day. I told him this was ok as I was going to be out of town for the afternoon. he told me that the Service Dept closed at 4pm but the dealership was open until 6pm. I told him this worked well for me. He told me to make sure I got there before they closed at 6pm Saturday as they are not open Sunday, then I wouldn't be able to get my car 'till Monday morning. Yup sounds good to me).
I had 2 Pomtini's

For dinner I had Sundried tomato and asparagus stuffed chicken - sub the potato for house salad.

No Dessert for us . . . . . . Here.
We didn't get the best of service at this restaurant. i.e. When Michelle, sitting beside me, asked our waiter who had finally returned for a glass of water, i was about to ask for another Pomtini (which was sitting empty at the edge of the table), I breathed in to speak, and our waiter turned away saying (as he walked away), 'I'll grab 3 waters. I obviously asked for my Pomtini when he brought us all back water. he was M.I.A. throughout the whole meal, all the while the other waiter in our section was doing the stereotypical you're family while eating at our Italian restaurant chatty shtick.

So . . . . . Off to . . . . .Heaven!
Whatever, the last time I was at Demetre's I had just started to blog. This is my favourite way to treat myself. And I always get myself the same thing. I have this affinity to Peanut Butter Ice Cream.
Made with skim milk and no whipped cream topping

It was all so tasty. I can't wait for my next trip there.

Saturday morning, was great. I got to sleep in , and didn't get out of bed until 8:45am. Big plans for today. Off to the Yoga Conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, pick up my car from getting it's oil changed, and then head off to Peterborough, (where Kevin is playing road hockey - Canadian). So I wanted to start the day off strong.
Strawberry Banana (spinach) Green Monster, Grapefruit and 1 Date.

Very Filling.

Kevin left to play hockey at 10am.

I started to make my meals for tomorrow (what is this a weekday). I wanted to be able to still eat a healthy breakfast, snacks and lunch tomorrow though I would be away from home. Hey it's not like I couldn't keep the food in the fridge in Peterborough. My parents came to pick me up and take me to my girlfriends house so we could go to the yoga conference. Once at my girlfriends, we were off. It was nice. We laughed at stories from dinner last night and were looking forwards to our adventures that lay ahead of us today. We weren't even on the highway when Honda called me saying that my car was ready and could be picked up. I told them I was out of town and would be back to pick it up later this afternoon before closing at 6. They said ok.

Once we got parking, which surprisingly wasn't hard to find an open lot at 1:00pm on a Saturday or overly expensive (10$), we walked down the street to Fresh.

I ate one half of the wrap and then switched with my girlfriend. She ate the other half while I ate the other half of her mushroom 'burger'.
Fruity Greens (the drink), magic tofu wrap, sweet potato soup.
Mushroom Vegan burger

We both loved what we shared and are excited for the next chance we get to go back to Fresh. MJ joked with her husband that she was eating a grass burger. He took a picture on his Iphone and sent it to her. It was a picture of our brown dead looking Canadian grass. LOL.

Off to the Yoga conference. We walked to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from the North side of the building. To get to the sound end, we walked 5 minutes, took 2 escalators going up, to walk another 5 minutes to ride 3 escalators down to get to C-hall. There was a big open space in the middle where there was 40 people doing various forms of Yoga based on the instructor who was up there. Sadly no pictures of that.

I was anxious to get myself a yoga bag. I've had my yoga mat for just over a year now, and it's just awkward to tote around without it's own bag. There were all kinds go choose from, but non that jumped out and spoke to me, and not for the prices that people were asking (42$). Then I saw it, So pretty, it will look great with my bright orange yoga mat
Pretty detailing

I also picked up two dresses from a lady that runs a consignment store in Peterborough. She was so nice, but absolutely hilarious! It was as if she took 2 hits of speed right before we came up to her. She was moving and talking a mile a minute. Whatever she made a sale, two off me. I will try and get Kevin to take some pictures of me in them tomorrow. I tried tonight, but they all turned out blurry, because no flash, from trying to take the pictures in the mirror.

We left the yoga conference, at 4:20, giving us lots of time to get back to Bowmanville before the dealership closed at 6pm to get my car. We made it to the dealership at 5:25. *^#$*@^^ @^@&#^@*!^$&#^$%! The gates were closed. I got out of MJ's van, and walked up to the doors. LOCKED! I looked in the windows to see if anyone was in there. Negative. I found the sign with the store hours. . . . .Closed at 5pm! &#%^#&#$*&!

MJ dropped me off at home and immediately called the dealership to leave an angry message for them. I let them know how inconvenienced I am now because of their incompetent staff who do not know their own store hours. That I was left without a vehicle for the rest of the weekend as a result of this and my husband was out of town with his car. That I left a conference in Toronto early to get back in time to get my car to find it was closed and I was misinformed. That I would be late for work Monday morning as a result of this misinformation. That I would be waiting at their doors first thing Monday morning to speak to their manager. I left my phone number for home and my cell, telling them however they wouldn't need it as I would be there at opening. *Grrrr*. So I called Kevin and let him know I would not be driving up to meet him in Peterborough for the night as a result of this. I told him I would call my parents and see if I could borrow their car (they live 2kms away), to drive up so we could still go rock climbing Sunday. I called my parents, talked to my mom (who I have a great relationship with), told her about the situation. She chuckled at me telling me I could borrow their car tomorrow.

Then I grabbed some dinner. Nothing special, just some left overs,So I am home alone tonight. I was going to go for a run, but now it's just too late. Maybe early tomorrow morning.

So far,

Total water drunk, 4, 8oz glasses.

Total calories burned, 406 (walking around Toronto).

Total calories eaten, 1864 (over by 78).

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  1. Not gonna lie, I was working at the National Job Fair at the Convention Centre on Wed/Thurs and the Yogo registration thing was RIGHT beside it. I feel so close you...yet so LOVE!



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