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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hump Day

Well Wednesday was an alright day. By the end of the day my high had worn off from getting back into the healthy eating workout kick. I was sad. I didn't like that it had worn off. I think it is because 1. I felt uninspired with my dinner 2. there was still jelly bellies at work in the evening (which I wasn't as strong as Tuesday night) and 3. I had a union meeting this afternoon re: layoffs.
So I'll start with the lay off news. Well there is none. Basically Thursday at 4pm the finance minister announces his budget. From there my agency's Executive Director goes to the board of directors Thursday night and presents her plan as to where the cuts will be made. Friday at 1pm, the E.D. presents this plan to the union and at 2pm there is a union meeting. At this union meeting we will be presented with where the cuts will be made. Not who, rather what departments and programs will be affected by the cuts. So I will be able to guestimate if I will be safe or not from being laid off (if they say cut 200,000$ from my department, I can do the math and figure out if I might be part of that 200,000$). Looks like Friday night might be a night of drinking.
Dinner I wasn't feeling. The dressing I made was crapola. I couldn't taste it at all, so the salad was pretty bland. Plus the leaves were starting to turn. I chucked it (well composted it when I got home). And to fill the void, I grabbed 3, THREE granola bars (store bought chocolate chip) and too too many jelly bellies. As I was eating this garbage I knew how I was going to feel after, but I was so hungry, I needed to eat something and all the rest of my food I had packed was already eaten.
I did however get a good work out in Wednesday morning. Wednesday mornings are muscle moves class. This is basically all strength training. We did a lot of shoulders and arm work. So after doing that my arms were too tired to go jump back in the pool. Especially after having taken a week off from the pool. (2 reasons for this, 1. I wasn't in good space encouraging myself and 2. I think I've gotten a rash on my calves from the pool. Timeline fits that the pool chemicals could be the culprit. They are doing much better now, had to take a week off from wearing my fashionable boots though). Anyways, so instead of swimming I thought I would change it up and go on the StairMaster for the rest of my gym time. I jumped on and did an interval setting. I set my goal to climb 100 flights of steps. In 23 minutes I climbed 102 flights of steps. I was happy with myself (but remember that was at the start of the day, before the salad/granola bar/jelly belly debacle).

For breakfast I had another green monster.
3 cups of kale, 1 cup of mango, 1 banana, 1 tsp ground flax 1.5 beets, 1 cup of almond milk.

Breakfast was quiet filling, and I wasn't 100% hungry to eat all my mid morning snack. So I ended up grazing on these grapes till almost mid afternoon.
1 cup of red grapes.

For lunch (@ the union meeting), I had a whole melange of good tasty foods.
1 Ancient Grains Demspters wrap, 1/2 tbsp roasted garlic hummus, 50g of deli shaved chicken breast, 3 mushrooms, 1/3 orange peppers, 3 leaves of spinach and 4 leaves of romaine lettuce.
1/3 orange red pepper as a side
and 1, 5 minute no bake homemade granola bar. I had taken one for my girlfriend who was going to be at the union meeting too and she loved it.

My mid afternoon snack which I had at my second job for the day, I didn't' think to take a picture until I had 1 piece left.
1 navel orange.

This is what I had packed for dinner. I made this salad Sunday night and Tuesday night. What I mean by that is I took the salad portions out Sunday night. Tuesday I broiled the salmon and cut up the veggies. Sadly the salad was no good. As I mentioned above. I mean it looks on the surface like it was good, however that is just the top layer and plus you can't see the lack of flavour.
Ugh, here is what I did end up eating for dinner. I know I should have had stronger will power and just stayed out of the office, as the jelly bellies were in a container on the desk I was sitting at. I don't know why I didn't just move and sit somewhere else knowing they were just sitting there calling my name. Worst of all, when I went into a meeting at 4:30-5:30, they were almost all gone. When I came back they had been refilled. *grrrr*. I ended up prob eating 3 handfuls (bigger than pictured here).Ooops no picture of the 3 granola bars I ate.
After work I stopped at the Supercentre that was enrout home. I have a Lawblaws in Bowmanville, however as of yet it is not a Supetcentre (it's supposed to be building a new supercentre across the street - but that's been in the plans for at least 3 years now). Anyways, I picked up a few essentials I needed for breakfast Thursday morning, and also stumbled across a few extras.
Bananas, baby carrots, organic baby spinach, 1 pints of strawberries (2/3$), gooseberries, cherry tomatoes, Kumata tomatoes, luna bar and a cliff bar. Also non food related home compost bags (we have compost collected curb side with our garbage and recycling here in Ontario)

Total water drank, 8, 8oz glasses.

Total calories burned, 505.

Total calories eaten, guestimating 1,759 (was still under for totall allowed).

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