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Monday, March 22, 2010

My Green Monster got BEET up

Well I didn't snap a picture of my beats cleaned off so this one will have to do. So When I was at the Superstore last Thursday I also picked up some beets. On the GM website, I saw that some people added beets to their gm's. This not only changes the colour of the tasty drink, but also that help protect against heart disease, birth defects and certain cancers.
Ever wonder what 3 cups of spinach looks like after you throw it in some steam for a few minutes. It looks like hardly anything. But I promise you that is 3 cups.
So this is what my green monster looked like today:
3 cups of spinach 1 cup of Earths Own Almond Milk, 1/2 fresh mango, 1/4 cup blueberry, 1 beat, 1 tsp ground flax and 1 banana.

I really enjoyed this one. So far I haven't met a green monster I haven't liked.
At work I had more blueberries (I bought two pints last week and want to get through them)
1/2 cup Nodica no fat Cottage cheese and 1/4 cup blueberries

For lunch I had 2 burritos. Here are all the ingredients packed separately so that the wrap doesn't get mushy and so that I can rehead the beans, chicken and cheese.
Top Right: 1/3 yellow pepper and 1/3 orange pepper w 10 cherry tomatoes
Top Left: 1/2 a tomato
Bottom Right: 5 romaine lettuce leaves (#5 was little, a half leaf)
Bottom Left: 2 Ancient Grain Demspters wraps, 1/8 cup refried beans (per wrap), 1 oz grilled chicken (per wrap) and 1 cheese string split between the two wraps.

Here is one of the wraps all assembled after being reheated.
Not all the peppers went on the wrap. Some were meant to be eaten on their own as a side, along with the cherry tomatoes.These are the ones I ate after

Have a good afternoon!

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