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Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Monday . . . .

Well I am pretty tired, and can't find my USB cord to connect my camera to my computer. I also can't just take the memory stick out and throw it in the laptop, as I am writing from a notebook which does not have the outlet for the memory stick. I will just have to use the pictures that I had already put on the computer earlier today.

So my Monday morning started off early. I got out of bed for 5am. I had a lot to get done before I went to work for 8:30. I wanted to go for a run before I had to go and pick up my car (for those of you who don't know already click on the link to read about my car)bright and early when the dealership opened, just to prove a point (that I had been sitting around all weekend waiting to get it back). So I went for my run. Oh man it was great! Still dark out, temperature hovering around 2 degrees Celsius, and lightly raining. I couldn't ask for more from an early morning run. I did 4.3k in 31 mins. Not too bad for me. I did however at some points feel like I was going at a snails pace, and had to make an effort to speed up (though not too much).

So once I got back and wiped away the beads of water from my awesome jacket, and set out to make my breakfast. I felt that a green monster was called for.
2 cups of spinach, 1 tsp ground flax, 1 cup of almond milk, 1/2 cup mango, 4 strawberries & 3/4 cup of pineapple. Tasty tasty tasty.

Having lots of time on my hands this morning, I had time to him and haw about what I was going to want for snack this morning. I went with something that I hadn't had in a few weeks. Some yogurt with all bran buds.

Liberte - Greek yogurt, 2 tbsp craisins and 1/3 cup all bran buds.

It was a pretty quick morning at work. Lunch kind of snuck up on me.
2 Kumata tomatoes some buffalo style mozzarella and fresh basil topped with little olive oil and lots of balsamic.

I also had my left over soup from the weekend. Sweet potato soup from Fresh.

Because all of that wasn't enough (it actually wasn't enough to sustain me till an afternoon snack)
An orange.

Lots of veggies today,

5 cherry tomato, 3 celery stalks and 1/2 yellow pepper

Overall not a bad day food wise and plus I feel great having already gotten a stellar run in for the day.

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