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Monday, March 29, 2010

Little words but lots of pictures Sunday

I’ve got a lot of pictures for Sunday. And really they are pretty self explanatory, so I’m going to keep the words to a minimum. Enjoy!

Breakfast Raisin Sunflower seed Breakfast Cookie topped with 1/4 serving of Liberte Greek Yogurt

Snack I kept seeing this spider, and Kevin was never around I sprayed him off the wall with some Shout (it was the handiest thing). Trapped him under a cup and secured it there with the shout bottle. Now Kevin can flush him when he gets home.

Remember I had no car this weekend due to the dealerships mix up on what time they are open to (5, not 6 like they told me). So I am borrowing my parents car to drive to Peterborough to go Rock Climbing. I told them I would walk to their house to get some extra exercise in (2.05k) with lots of steady inclines.
Got lunches for Kevin and I packed.
Other people out walking/running.
My ride - The Impalla
Leather Seats
Picnic in the car!
Tuna Wrap w red peppers
More peppers
All tied in
Locked and loaded.
Kevin sticking his butt out.
Just hanging out.
He's one rock off the ground.
Salmon topped with guacamole, mushrooms&onions, parsnip and sweet potatoes.

2 frozen banana
Blend until,
smooth.Serve like ice cream.

My two new dresses,
Dress 1, love the two tones
#1 - front
View #1 back
View #2 back (front looks the same).
View #3
View #4- my favourite view.
View #5 - second favourite view.
Please note half way through the rock climbing pictures while blogging at wordpress, I got frustrated and gave up. The formatting and alignment was all messed up and I couldn't figure it out. Just called that entry quits and came back here to blog (for today, still gonna see if I can navigate around wordpress).


  1. Is it just me, or does that rock wall look like it has a bunch of huge wads of gum stuck on it? ;) I've always wanted to try rock climbing. :)

  2. I really like view 5! What a versatile dress!



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