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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Giving it another go!

Well I am back again today starting my blog off with my WordPress blog. After the mess of pictures that was yesterdays failed attempt, I was left feeling frustrated and irritated. However last night when I was blogging with my original blog I ran into formatting problems. I realized that had that been my 4th or 5th blog entry, I would not have known how to fix it, and would have had to keep on giving it the ‘ol college try and figure it out myself. So this gave me the kick in the pants I needed to not completely give up on this blog site, and to keep trying to navigate around. p.s. I hope to get some mega help tonight at work after 7 from one of my coworkers.
Last night was a busy one and I will rewind a little further back. While taking a 10 min break from my desk yesterday afternoon, I realized I needed to make a weekly meal plan. This way I could make sure I was getting enough variety as well as all my food groups within the week. I also thought too that this would help me to see if I was eating enough or not before hand and be able to plan better (when you work 2 jobs through the week planning in paramount).

So I started in on a weekly menu. This was pretty easy as I have lots of meal ideas, however I then realized that I had a lot of holes when it came to ingredients for these meals. Gotta go get more groceries. Sometimes it sucks having to go to the grocery store 3-4 times a week because you area always buying fresh items that get used up so quickly. But my body thanks me for it.

So after work with my grocery list in hand, with the grocery list sitting on my desk forgotten, I met Kevin at the grocery store (he came because the reusable eco-friendly grocery bags were at home, it just saved me a trip).
Back at home I set out to make dinner. Sadly I had a meeting back at the day job office for 7pm, but needed to be there to see people in by 6:30. Despite not going to the gym this evening (because of the meeting), I thought I wouldn't be rushed, I was wrong.

Tofu cooking in Soy Gigner dressing. Mushrooms, carrots, bok choi, bell peppers and onions.

Lots of veggies (too much actually) and some tofu.

So after dinner I was off running again. Thankfully, (though erksom that I drove 20mins to work and another back) the meeting was 15 minutes. I was back home with plenty of time to make some meals for the coming workbonanza that lay ahead. I made a big pot of chili for Kevin and I to eat, I packed up the last serving of my couscous dish, cooked some chicken breast for my chicken salad, and then threw together a breakfast cookie (split into 2 servings instead of 1 to act as a snack). Whoah! :S so much work in so little time.

Kevin and I vegged out on the couch watching The Big Bang Theory, and I caught up on some of the blogs I follow.

By 10pm I was a zombie. I went upstairs and packed my gym back and set my alarm for 4:50am.

Total water drank Monday (not enough) 6, 8oz glasses of water.

Total calories burned (with my run), 525.

Total calories eaten (not counting tasting for quality assurance while cooking), 1,441.

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