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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

trapped behind my desk away from all sunlight

It’s so sad to be in my office. I try to spruce it up with my vanilla scented air freshner, my own tunes playing, and even opened the blinds to the window (don’t get excited) between my office and my bosses, so that I could get some natural light coming in from his office.

Sadly none of these work. My office is dark and gloomy What are ya gonna do?!?! Though I would have rather stayed in bed this morning, and I almost did, I got up for 5am to head to the gym.


Green Monster - 2cups Kale, 1cup almond milk, 6 strawberries, 1/2cup pineapple 1/2cup mango and 1 tsp ground flax

I headed off to spin class. It was a bittersweet class. Allison the instructor won’t be doing our spin class or muscle moves class in the mornings anymore. This is because Mon&Wed at 5:30 she is doing a fitness boot camp and Tues&Thurs she is teaching a kickboxing boot camp. So instead of doing a normal spin class, we did some 1 – 2 minute drills. Lots of strength training this way.

Mid-morning snack
mini raisin pumpkin seed breakfast cookie

I just made a regular breakfast cookie and split the final product into 2 small Tupperware containers and threw them in the freezer. This way I have 2 snacks ready to go. This was delish! Just missed the yogurt topping. Lunch, with my food diary, I realized that I had not packed enough food to sustain me through the day, so I would need to hit up the grocery store.
That's right I bought a .22cent banana with a 20-dollar bill lol

I also had this salad packed.
2cups romaine lettuce, 1cup sprouts, 10 cherry tomatoes, 1/4 avocado, 1 celery stalk 2 oz chicken breast and homemade balsamic.

Well only a little bit of time left here at the full-time job, until its off to the races and off to the part-time evening job. Enjoy the great weather we are having in Southern Ontario today!

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