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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Day!

So, I need to do a little catching up.


- I went to the restructuring meeting at work which talked about the affected areas of work effected by Monday's layoff notices.

- Basically I have enough seniority that I will be safe, regardless of bumping. *sigh*. Secretly I kind of wished that I was getting a lay off notice. Yes yes yes I was uber stressed out and not a happy blogger during it all, but I do not love my job anymore.

- Now that we know what is going on I DON'T WANT TO HEAR ABOUT LAY OFFS ANYMORE when I go to work. It's been months, and it wearing me down now.


I woke up to my alarm at 6:54, to which I continually hit the snooze button until 7am. I dragged my butt out of bed to make it the washroom to realize that I was waking up dreading going into the office, that I was already in a funk and was feeling depressed.

I went over to the computer and turned it on to email (we don't call in) sick. I needed a mental health day.

I ended up having to really force myself back to sleep, but that forcefulness lead me to sleep until 10am.

Kevin asked me what I wanted to do, as this was MY DAY! Anything I wanted to do that was going to make me feel good.

I made some most delicious chocolate, blueberry, pomegranate buckwheat pancakes with a side of fresh fruit for breakfast.

After watching this weeks episode of lost, Kevin and I got dressed to go for a bike ride. Not before slathering ourselves with some SPF 55. Always remember to take care of your skin, especially this time of year when we are so susceptible to burns on our pale pale skin.

About a 12K bike ride and a 4.3k run, I felt GREAT! I told Kevin how happy I felt, and how I hadn't felt this way in months and months. I told Kevin that after talking with my girlfriend Amanda, that I'm in agreement with her. Not everyone is a Monday-Friday 9-5 kind of person. I am not that kind of person. It's kind of scary how depressed it makes me feel. I need more flexibility in my work hours so that I can be outside or at the gym(in colder weather) exercising.

Kevin agreed that this seems to be the case. Kevin has been a great supporter to me. Thank you babe!

He is fully behind me going back to school to take something that is going to land me a career I will love. A career that offers me that flexibility that I oh so clearly need.

So I have been making phone calls, sending emails and doing some research into a new possibility.

I also have been working on creating more motivation in my active life. Yes I am signed up for a Try-A-Tri for Aug 22, but right now that seems so far away. I have to thank Sonya for giving me the idea for inspiration. Sonya has signed herself up for a 5k Run in June. So this has inspired me to find several small runs to keep me motivated.

So far I have signed up for:
May 8th Lakefield 5k Run
June 6th Bowmanville 8K run

I am also looking to sign up for
July 19th Toronto Pearson Airport Runway run (yes a 5k run on the runway - how fun!)
July 1 Brooklin Ontario 5 mile run.

Well that brings us up to speed. Sadly I can't post any of my pictures from yesterday, outdoors, food or today's food because my computer at work isn't reading my cameras memory card right now. Frankly I am just not tech savvy enough to figure it out.

I also just want to end on this note. I read on a blog a saying. Sadly I can't remember who's blog I read it on, but this is my new motto. I plan to make it a point to live day to day by it. I have printed it out on some bright pink paper and tacked it to the wall facing me so I can read it every day:

Do what you love, Love what you do!

last note:


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  1. Amen, girl!! Don't do what you don't love. You're just wasting time!! :) I grew to love what I do because I love the people that I get to serve everyday.



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