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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Biking in the woods

So after we ate dinner Wednesday night, we (Kevin) loaded the bikes on the detachable bike rack (on the back of the car - not roof racks), and we set off to the local conservation area. They have several trails there for biking, hiking, skiing and lots of other activities.
We did get going until 7pm though, so as you can see the sun is low, sadly limiting our time to ride. :-(
Kevin singing along to the radio.
Love this picture.
Here is a map of the trails. It's a good thing I took this picture before we set off, we defiantly referred back to the camera to check out the map a couple of times lol.
We started off with Rabbit Trail. A beginner 2.9k trail. Getting to the end/start of the trail we continued right over to Barred Owl Trail, 2.9k advance trail. Half way through Barred Owl, we crossed over to Wild Turkey Trail, 3.3k advanced. After finishing all of Wild Turkey we finished off the second half of Barred Owl. A great 9.1k bike ride.
I stopped for a second to snap this picture of Kevin riding, at the very start.
A few seconds later when shifting gears, my chain fell off. I vaguely remember this being a problem last year. I'm defiantly going to have to get this bike tuned up before my race. Can't have my chain falling off in the middle of a Try-A-Tri.
Thank you Kevin for getting your hands dirty to keep mine clean :-D
Look at the trees, clear sign it's spring, in case you weren't sure.
Kevin took the camera from me after fixing my chain and took this.
After a few steep hills it was time for a water break. Kevin doesn't have a water bottle carrier and we don't have camel backs, so we had to stop so I could pass the water over to Kevin. He looks so happy at this water break.
This was a farm we saw while on Wild Turkey Trail. At this point Kevin said he didn't want to stop too much more because we were losing daylight.
Can't really see it all that well, but this was one long steep hill. We walked it, but at a decent pace.
This is how Kevin felt about the hill. To his defense he has been riding his bike at work (AT work not to work) for the last week. He's justified in his tired state.
I kept smiling, even after my chain ate my pant leg *note to self, get a chain guard*. I decided to go gangsta after this.
After finishing our trails, Kevin mounted the bikes back onto the car while I took a picture of myself lol.
Kevin then wanted to take some pictures of me doing some yoga to stretch before joining me.
About to go into......
Downward facing dog.

After 10 minutes of some yoga stretching, Kevin and I went home.

Have you been out on your bike yet this season? Do you get your bike tuned up annually?

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  1. That looks awesome. :D I want to be part of an active couple like you guys!!! Usually the extent of my couple exercise is going for a walk with the dog and my bf...but we're hoping to get rollerblades soon & take to the trail by his house with 'em!! That'll be great in summer.



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