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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April Showers

Well ladies and gentlemen, it is spring! It's official, you can tell because after being spoiled with all that wonderful weather over the weekend, the rain has arrived. April showers bring May flowers though right! Plus we still need a good dosage of rain to wash away all the winter grim that is still on our streets (I know its there because the wind blew it all in my face yesterday shopping).

Today was time to snap myself back into the early early morning gym routine. I had my mini fight with myself in the morning to stay in bed or not. Thankfully like most mornings the get out of bed side of me won.

I went downstairs and made myself my routine Spin class breakfast.

Green Monster a la Mango (1/2 mango, 4 strawberries 1/2 banana 1 tsp ground flax)

Spin class was good, however our instructors have now officially changed from Allison to Joe. Don't get me wrong Joe is great and knows his stuff, but Joe works just as hard as us during the class as we do, so he's not making sure to remind us of posture, engaging our abs etc. Also Joe is often one to walk into class when it is starting. This is a major annoyance for me. Why? Because it is only a 40 min spin class (6:10am-6:50) and people go to work after the gym so he is considerate to not go longer, but when he isn't starting class until 6:15 because he's setting up the music and his own spin bike, I have a major problem with this. On top of that with Joe's style, he takes 5 minutes to warm up. I have now just lost 10 minutes of my work out because he gets there when class is scheduled to start. It's only day 1 of Joe (3x a week), let's wait and see how this plays out.

After spin class, I grabbed my Ipod and headed back into the aerobics room. I grabbed a body bar (12lbs), a bosu, a 4 lb weight, 2, 8lb weights, a small red ball, and a skipping rope. I did all kinds of strength training with these for about 25-30 mins.

At work I had jammed my blueberries in with my All Bran Buds, which I was only too happy to do. This way I would get some of the blueberry juice in my yogurt too.

For lunch, the Mexican Rice Casserole.
Brown rice, baby carrots, spinach, cilantro, red and yellow pepper, frozen corn, black beans, red onion and tomato.

Some Pace Med Salsa and Liberte Greek Yogurt to top.
Mix & Enjoy!

Very tasty and filling for sure. It almost makes me hope that Kevin doesn't try or like it. Hehehe.

Well, I don't know if anyone has noticed, but it has happened again. The yoyo has fallen back down again. I have gained my 8lbs back. This definitely didn't happen over night. Though night time did play a major factor here people.
After dinner/Late night snacking.

Man I have got to drop this habit and drop it fast. I have not stopped or slowed down my workouts, so it is obviously the choice of foods I am choosing to snack on. I hope that starting today I can conquer this issue (it feels like a Monday though it's Tuesday, and what better feeling to break an old habit and replace it with another).


Well my goals for today are:

1) Stay below calorie limit.

2) No snacking after dinner.

3)Weight train after spin class. - Check

4) Slow down, stop rushing.

So far I have already reached goal number 3.

Enjoy the rain, get out and have a rain run for me (as I can't working until 8pm tonight).

~ M ~

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  1. Just keep the attitude you've got and keep on harder to stay in your calories & you'll get those 8 lbs off in no time! :) BTW, that mexican rice casserole looks amazing!



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