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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Making the most of every moment

have been trying to make the effort to set daily goals for myself. For Saturday my goals were,

1) Be present and enjoy all the moments big and small. – Check

2) Stay below or at calorie count. – No

3) Stretch – no planned exercise today, it’s my day or rest. – Check

Though I didn't reach all my goals for the day, I was happy to have done 1 & 3. I had to work Saturday, so I wanted to make sure that the rest of the day I was able to be relaxed and enjoy the afternoon and evening that The Husband and I got to share together.

I started my day off with a new combination of an old favourite. Bown Rice Syrup Oatmeal with banana cinnamon, nutmeg and mango.

Off to work I went. And I think for those of you who read yesterdays post and those of you who didn't (click here), well we know how that turned out *sigh*.

Mid morning snack sadly had no flavour, just tasted like water.

Lunch was I was looking forward to, as my day was pretty busy with meetings from 10:30-12 and 12:30-3pm. So my 30 minute lunch break was a little retreat away from everyone else. Tuna wrap with sprouts and red pepper Baby carrots and garlic hummus.

My afternoon snack that I had at work was an impulsive one. Though I try to make an effort to eat natural foods, today just wasn't meant to be one of those days. After work I was meeting The Husband at a local patio. The Courtyard. So nice that I had a drink already ordered and waiting for me. Thanks Babe! I had my packed afternoon snack here (an apple), while The Husband ordered some pickles.

My drink was great and I was super happy to have had one of my favourite waiting for me, but I thought that I would try a Long Island Iced Tea. Wrong! Tasted only like club soda. Bleck.
Because it was only 4pm, we decided to grab our bill, and we headed to the Bulk Barn and No Frills. Everything being closed tomorrow for Easter, I had groceries I needed to stock up on. Plus we had nothing planned for dinner. So while we were shopping, we grabbed some dinner ingredients.
The Husbands dinner
My pizza was not from the frozen dept, rather I assembled mine myself. Starting with some pizza dough and tomatoes.

That's right, no sauce. Use your tomatoes fresh as a base. Next some spinach, Portobello mushrooms and red onion.
Next some sun-dried tomatoes, asparagus and feta cheese.
Bake and serve.

The Husband and I decided that we were going to keep our Saturday evening a low-key one. We used our hot tub (which sadly did not work out my kinks), watched some T.V and then watched the movie The Informant (funny movie). Spending the evening like this, I had some snacks. It was hard to not snack just sitting around. It's my ultimate bad habit and I am working on breaking it.

Beer nuts, chocolate eggs, some water and a Bud Light Lime.

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