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Friday, April 9, 2010

See my hat, see my hat!

I got myself a new had the other day when I went out and go my new running shoes. Don't get my wrong there was absolutely nothing wrong with my previous hat (support our troops), I just really liked this hat. It really represents me I think. Pink. Cute. Girly
I put it on for it's very first outing. Though it was raining, I walked from home to Hot Yoga and back home again. It did it's job. Looked cute on my head. Kept my noggin dry.

Rewinding a big, the rest of my food for Thursday.

For my afternoon snack I was excited. Look at this mini watermelon I grabbed at the grocery store. It's so red and looks so tasty.
I cut up all up 1/3 of it and made it fit into here.
Figure that is about 3 cups of watermelon. Sadly though it looks so sweet and juicy. It was not. Oh well, it tied me over until dinner time.

At work we had a group of people in for a meeting. So being gracious hosts, we ran out and grabbed a dozen or two TimBits (donut holes for our American friends).

I was weak and caved. This is not the one I ate, this is just a regular glazed TimBits, I ate the sour cream glazed TimBit.
Which I was looking forwards to. I even made up a cheesy song while making it and sung it as I danced around the kitchen. Kevin laughed at me telling me I was way too excited.

just under 3oz of Broiled Salmon, Mango Salsa (that's where the singing came in, cuz who doesn't like to say the word salsa, salllllllsa) and steamed asparagus.
Before running off to yoga, I threw together some homemade granola bars. I have been trying to find which blog I found this wonderful delicious recipe from. No luck yet, but will post as soon as I find it.
5 minute No Bake Granola Bar. As you can see I came up with a solution to the wasteful use of plastic wrap I went through with the last batch. I just kept them in the dish I spread them out on. Covered that with plastic wrap. I will take my granola bar out and pack it in Tupperware or glasswear as needed.
  1. Burn 400 calories in spin class. - YES
  2. Weight train and ab work after spin class. - YES
  3. No late night snacking. - YES
  4. Stay below calories. - YES
Total water drank, 17, 8oz glasses of water.

calories burnt, 1,656.

calories eaten, 1,751.

  1. Go for a run tonight
  2. No late night snacking.
  3. Stay below calories.
  4. Plan next weeks meals out.

1 comment:

  1. Great food and great numbers! Very impressive.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the wonderful info about the green monster on my blog. I'll be sure to follow your advice the next time I make it!



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