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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wicked Wednesday

First off my day started terrific!

Today at my full time job we are hosting Bowling For Kids Sake. Basically we have a bunch of teams of local businesses who are joining us for bowling and have so far raised 17K online for our agency to provide for children.

How fantastic is that.

My day gets better. Because I will be working until after 9pm, I didn't get to work until noon.

I slept in until 7:15am! Whoot!
For breakfast I made myself a strawberry banana Green Monster, with 1tsp chocolate vegan protein powder. It was so tasty.

It was a great breakfast to have as, Kevin was home with me this morning and though he was tired and said he didn't want to, the two of us went on a 5.3k run.

I even made better time than our last run.

Last run 5.3k = 39.53 mins
Today's run 5.3k = 38 mins.

I'm totally proud of myself. Especially because Saturday May 8th, Kevin and I run our very first race. It is a 5k race in Lakefield Ontario. I have signed up for various races this summer as I have mentioned here. These races are totally just for fun. Actually my boss might be running in the race Saturday.

After the run, it was right to the basement to complete Day 4 of my 30 Day Shred with my new BFF Jillian.

Day 4 is definitely easier than day 1, but I still struggle to do more than 5 real push ups, and shoulder raises. Oh well, I'm still happy to know that I am working hard at something.

Kevin and I had a bank apt today at 10am. Can't tell you what for though. ;-)

By the time we left the bank, it as 11:50, and I hadn't eaten my morning snack. I was famished! I knew Kevin was too, as I heard his stomach growl a couple of times in the bank.

So needless to say once I got to work, I got right down the business. The business of eating lunch!

  • 2 Cups romaine lettuce
  • 10 cherry tomatoes
  • 1/12th avocado
  • 1/2 cup cucumber
  • some red onion
  • 4oz broiled salmon

And I ate that salad like it was going out of style! I vaguely remember tasting it. I decided to eat what would have been my morning snack as a lunch hour dessert. Greek Yogurt, Blackberries and a cereal mix (1/4 cup grape nuts & 1/4 cup Kashi Go Lean). So good!

Usually I don`t post what I haven`t eaten yet, but today I am. This is because I know that once I get home I am not going to want to post after a long day. And honestly though it happens more times than not, I hate having to back blog. I hate leaving out all without something to read. So this is what I will be eating to finish off my day.

When making my meals last night I packed foods that were going to keep me full for a long period of time and provide me with lots of protein to help do that. So my afternoon snack was no different. I love these guys. A little too much. So much so that when I first got them, I was eating them too much. I had to store them in our under the basement sitars storage, so that they were out of sight out of mind.

Dinner is a smaller sized dinner. Not as little as I am used to. However it is packed with good filling calories. And let me go on about this new bread I bought and will be trying for the first time today. I haven`t even tried it and I am already tooting it`s horn. Stonemill - Sprouted Grain bread. BAKED WITH 100% GREEN POWER! How awesome is that! Seriously I think that this is part of what excites me about this bread more than I was before I read the tag. Some good nutritional values here too. & healthy ingredients that can all be pronounced. The slices themselves are pretty little compared to what you would get out of a regular slice of bread. No complaints here. It smelt so good and fresh too, and that is after buying it from the grocery store. Simply yet to be satisfying Cashew Butter and banana sandwich. So excited for dinner, hehe.
Because the sandwich is filling, it`s simply not enough calories to get me through the busy night I`m going to have. So some baby carrots and 1 sliced gala apple to go along with the sandwich/nibble on through the evening *while everyone else drinks and has pizza - I will stay strong!)

I hope everyone else is enjoying the day and the beautiful weather we are having here today in Ontario and everywhere else my readers are from. Have a great night filled with fabulous foods!

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