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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hormones - Sheesh!

Seriously. Hormones SUCK! I deeply apologize to my male readers - I know you're there ;-)

But seriously, the last 6 months or so, poor Kevin has been subjected to some pretty dramatic mood swings. I go from my normal happy go lucky positive outlook-self to overly clingy, to crying (I cried at a RADIO news report this morning about the poor family from Montreal that died when their house was swallowed up in a muddy sink hole the other day - see here -), to extreme bitchy. So last month I actually started marking these dramatic shifts in my agenda.

Well today after my workout, I started to feel really depressed that I didn't workout harder and longer. Rationally I know that after doing a 2 hour 1235calorie burning workout yesterday warrants a more relaxed less strenuous 1.15 min 350 calorie burning kind of day. I know my body needs to rest.

So I got to work and I marked it in my agenda. Then I looked back to last month. Hmm... Started to feel the same way last month on the 16th. 3.5wks ago. Hmm... Might be starting to see the starting of a pattern here. Time will tell. And if it does tell, I will be asking my OBGYN to change me to a new birth control pill to help regulate this.

Before the gym at the early hours of 5:10am, I made myself some scrambled eggs. Funny how I miss scrambled eggs in the morning. They just take so much more time I find than an GM or oatmeal.
  • 3 Egg whites
  • 1 whole large egg
  • 4 grape tomatoes
  • about 1/2 cup chopped spinach
  • 1/4 cup UVAB

* the 3 egg whites are from the liquid, boxed, egg whites. On the box it says 1/4 cup is about 2 egg whites. Well I have a 1/8cup measuring cup, so I just used 3 of those to make up 3 egg whites.

At the gym, Kevin and I did a muscle moves class. It's all weights or rather strength training. Today we didn't use the free weights at all. We all did strength training using a floor mat, a stability ball and our own bodies. Lots of ab work, which what woman doesn't love to work her abs to get that 6-pack going?!

Once muscle moves finished I hit the pool. OMG my arms and shoulders are tired today after yesterdays double Jillian workout vids. I did a measly 6 laps of the pool, and they were brutal formed laps. lol.

After showering, while Kevin and I walked to our cars (yes we both drove. Only because he went home and I went right to work from the gym, which is a 10 min drive from home), I realized that I left my lunch at home. And being that today is Wednesday, that means I go from one job to the other, so lunch isn't just lunch, it's, am snack, lunch, pm snack and dinner.

Kevin being the amazing husband that he is, reassured me that he would go home, unpack our gym bags, grab my lunch and bring it to me at work. What a great guy.

However being that I was feeling down in the dumps this morning, I thought that I would treat myself to some Starbucks to try and boost my spirits. In my own tumbler (to save the enviro and .10cents) Grande Skinny Vanilla Latte & an oatbar.

Seriously I have never had any foods from Starbucks before other than their fruit parfaits. This thing is De-lish! I think there might have been some nut butter in it somewheres. Mmmm dangerously tasty.

Question: Do you find that you have a lot of mood swings? Have you ever tracked them from week to week or month to month?

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