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Thursday, May 13, 2010


Breakfast is one of my most favourite meals of the day. I could honestly eat breakfast foods all day long! Just picture it, GM for breakfast, Oatmeal for lunch, and pancakes for dinner. Or, Oatmeal for breakfast, scrambled eggs for lunch and french toast for dinner. Oh I could go on forever with an all day breakfast meal plan.

Kevin has dubbed he and I as a cereal family. And though I do love my cold cereals too, I think we are a breakfast food family.

This morning for breakfast I made oatmeal, and I am going to go through the steps of how I make my oatmeal. Though the toppings might vary, the steps remain the same.

First start off with a half or a whole banana. I bought these from the discounted section for .59cents! Look at them. They just look like the bananas I buy fresh, 3 days later.
Peel open the banana and it's almost in pristine condition. Just a small bruise near the bottom. So next time you see some discounted produce, take a second look, you just might find yourself a steal of a deal.
Take said banana (today I used a whole), and toss it in the microwave for 30 seconds. This will help soften your banana for the mashing process.
As for toppings at this stage, I interchange between cinnamon&nutmeg or a nut butter (cashew butter is my fav).

Today, though, cinnamon & nutmeg won.
Now I add 1/3cup of quick oats. With quick oats, you want a 2:1 ratio of wet to dry. Added then to our 1/3cup of quick oats, is 1/3cup of UVAB and 1/3 cup of water.
Next, I added 1tbsp of chia seeds (almost always in each bowl now), and 1tbsp dried blueberries. Fresh fruit can always be substituted here.
Mix together and place in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes. Careful your bowl might be hot.
Question: Do you make sure to eat breakfast every morning? Could you eat breakfast foods all day long?

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  1. I LOVE breakfast foods! I have one major problem, hubby NEVER eats 'em. The kids and I will have "Breakfast for dinner" every once in a while when Corey is working evenings :) I eat breakfast every morning but it's always quick stuff, yogurt, packaged oatmeal/cream of wheat and fruit :)



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