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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Still flying high

Tuesday was a great day. I was flying high on the workout endorphins from the morning marathon workout.

I'm going to keep the writing to a minimum for this entry. I am toying with the idea of keeping my evening posts (which usually get posted the next morning) short and sweet.

BBQ roasted broccoli and button mushrooms, pan seared tofu, topped with tomato sauce.
Side to my lunch. Carrots and red pepper with roasted red pepper hummus.
Red pepper hummus and red pepper. How could it go go well together!?! lol

Mid afternoon snack as I was slipping into a mini coma at work, I had to buy this and safe my packed snack for at my second job Tuesday evening.
7 walnut halves, and 1/2 banana (half was dried right in the middle, strange).

Packed mid day snack.
1 Apple topped with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Dipped in 85g of plain Greek yogurt.

Romain fruit salad with homemade raspberry red wine vinaigrette.

And because I burnt so many calories working out Tuesday morning I needed to add some calories to the meals for the day. All I had left on me was change. So I went to see Mr. Vending Machine.
I love to eat Twix in two levels. Caramel first, then the cookie.

Question: Do you have a eating habit that other people find strange?

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  1. Holy moly! I eat my Twix the same way!! haha.



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