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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Keep on tracking

Well I need to go get my agenda and make some notes. I am totally down in the dumps again. Ugh! Set off by what? Well I'm not getting any exercise today at all. I woke up pretty sore in the calves (nix the am run), and my upper back and shoulders were sore, so, no 30 Day Shred in the wee hours.

I had planned on going out for a nice rain run late in the afternoon/early evening, before hot yoga. Kevin however said that lately all the time we are able to spend together is spent exercising, he misses watching tv and cuddling. So I emailed and cancelled my spot at hot yoga, and put off running.

I had nothing planned for dinner, and remembered that Kevin had said a few weeks ago how he would like to have some real pasta sometime soon. So I thought we'd go pick up some Olivieri pasta and make a ravioli bake and some side salad. So that is what we did (keep reading below for dinner pics).

It's terrible that lack of exercise and carb heavy foods bring me down so. I think a lot if it has to do with my own body image issues I have going on right now.

I've gained the weight back again. The same weight I've lots and regained 2times now since Jan. I can't seem to stay focused and get what I deem to be a good workout in because I am so busy with work, and the stress that I feel from work.

My body imagine is as a result of the 10 lbs in the pits. Sure on the outside I look no different, but, my clothes are feeling too tight, the definition I was gaining, has returned to mush and muffin top. I am currently waiting for my cousin and her boyfriend to arrive to hang out in our hot tub, and am literally dreading having to put a bathing suit on. Mainly because I feel that they will look at me and see the weight that I've put back on. I shouldn't feel this way, maybe it's that hormonal issue I was talking about the other day (here).

My morning snack, which I thought would have been my afternoon snack, but I was feeling something chewy.
Thought I loved this flavour when I first tried it, however today, all I could taste was salt. I didn't enjoy it. Hmmm. Maybe this one was just from a bad batch.

My coworker was running out to Tim Hortons, and as usual he asked everyone if they wanted anything. Normally I say no, but today, I thought I would get something. Something like a Med Iced Capp.

I've been reading on a few blogs that May is National Salad Month. Well I guess it's a good thing that I love salads! Today I made a fruit and nut salad.

  • 1 cup spinach
  • 1 cup romaine
  • 2 extra large strawberries
  • 1/4 cup blueberries
  • 1/2 cup blackberries
  • 1tbsp slivered almonds, pumpkin seeds, cashew, walnuts and unsweetened coconut

One thing I love about this kind of salad, is that even when I get a piece of salad with each bite of greenery, there is still a nice combination of toppings left over once the greens are all gone.
When I got home, I grabbed my new mug and some granola with dried fruit. Sadly the fruit was so tart it totally wrecked the flavours. But hey check out my awesome mug. It's totally me. Kevin agrees.
Dinner, as I mentioned was pasta for Kevin, with a salad on the side for me. Kevin also got himself some Texas toast cheesy garlic bread as you can see.Whole wheat basil and three cheese ravioli, with tomato sauce and button mushrooms, baked with a sprinkling of old cheddar cheese. With a veggie salad. Very simple salad. 10 cherry tomatoes, 1/6th orange and yellow pepper, some red onion, 1tbsp light feta. Topped with homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Question: How do you feel if you miss a workout session?

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  1. I'm Lucky(?) in a way, I can't plan workout sessions. With two small kids, life is BUSY. I rely on biking/walking and one "mom's night out" Zumba class for my exercise. I can see how missing one would be bothersome for you, but your meals are stellar - you're being healthy! With not a lot of weight to lose, I'm sure every little break in the routine causes "issues" within yourself but I think you need to cut yourself some slack and enjoy living in every moment. Savor every bite of that delicious looking pasta and ENJOY your hot tub you lucky dog! Don't worry what others are thinking about you - because they more than likely WEREN'T thinking what you thought they were ;)



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