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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Amanda

Saturday is my bestest friend Amanda's birthday. May 8th!

Amanda's boyfriend, Nick booked a hotel room at The Royal York downtown Toronto for Amanda.

Then booked a reservation for 8+ at a Mexican restaurant. Amanda (and I) love Mexican.
Lots of great fun, friends and drinks. Now, just to note, I intended to only have 1 drink because I was scheduled to run my first official 5k run in Lakefield Saturday morning at 8:45am. The pictures will show how that plan went. Amber (Amanda's sister) & I.
The birthday girl herself, Amanda & Nick.
Kevin & I.
The newly engaged Ross & Pritzi.
Recent MBA grad Gina & Mike.
Gotta give Amber this picture to make up for the next one of me with her in the background. Sorry Amber.

When it came time to order food, I couldn't decide. I had already been lured in to eating the delicious homemade tortillas and guacamole. On top of that the large orange margarita I'd almost finished was influencing me in a negative way.
Pollo Con Mole.
The chicken was so good. Cooked perfectly (that is what's under all that mole sauce). Moist, juicy and tender.

However when Kevin's meal arrived, I instantly became jealous. Tostadas Dona Flora.
Comon how smashing does this look. And way WAAAAY more healthy looking than what I ordered.

Waiting for her man Paul to come.
Nick ordered the table some tequila shots. Tequila at a Mexican restaurant?! No way!

Ugh, this was so not the kind of night I was planning. I only wanted 1 drink, and I had already had 2 large margaritas. I tried to say no, but Nick wasn't having any of it.
With some tomato juice chaser.
I didn't enjoy it all that much. I guess I'm getting too old for tequila shots.

Happy Birthday Amanda!
Amanda was loving the hat!
What a great way to end the night!
Amber & everyone's favourite boyfriend Paul!
Hope you had a good Friday night.

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