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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Friday was a great day though the afternoon dragged on. Usually my boss leaves work around 3/3:30, so when he left at 2:30, I still had 1 hour to sit around at work and wait out the clock.

My afternoon snack tied me over.
Check out the short list of ingredients. Can you pounce them all? That means it's even better for you and your body if you can!
Pretty impressive nutritional information.
Key Lime Pie is also a high ranking favorite of mine. It doesn't beat out the apple flavour, but this one is so good. Coconut, tart, a nice crunch to it. Though I wouldn't eat this one for a breakfast before a workout. Key Lime Pie is more a dessert/snack type bar than a breakfast bar.
After work I had 2 lovely ladies I was meeting for a dinner date. Though because I was early I went to Home Sense and picked out some new dishes. You'll see them starting to make appearances here and there.

After I was done shopping I started to head over to Lone Star. While sitting in traffic (darn accident, a 5 minute drive took me 20), I saw a fox right beside the off ramp to the HWY401.
Finally making it to the restaurant, I had the best of intentions for the evening. I would make as many healthy choices as I could. Well that went right down the crappier.

I was hungrier than I realized I was and ended up mowing down on more greasy nacho chips than I should have. Man they were salty too!
I also gave in to peer pressure. Well no that isn't far to say, I just went along with the masses. I ordered myself a margarita. Gotta say it was pretty tasty. Only had the one and then had a glass of water after that.
Originally, we, as a table ordered a spinach dip. I knew I was going to end up eating way more calories for the day than I would need to, especially with a spinach dip. *right now I am working on not eating food just because it is in front of me*

Well lucky for me the waitress forgot to put in our order for the spinach dip so rather than keep waiting we asked her to take it off the bill.

For dinner at Lone Star, let me tell you the healthy options are sparse if non-existent. I ended up choosing the Veggie Fajita. Wow, lots of food!
I made 2 fajitas, and then,
I piled all the veggies a sprinkle of cheese, guacamole and a itsy bitsy bit of sour cream and mixed it all together. It was good, but man those veggies sure are coated in grease!
After dinner me and my two girlfriends went and saw Death at a Funeral. The movie was hilarious. I recommend going out and seeing it.

After dinner we went to Demetres. Now I again had the best of intentions of making a healthy choice. Instead of ordering a Belgian waffle with peanut butter ice cream and brownies, I thought I would ordered a fruit bowl. Well I didn't and I ended up getting the Belgian waffle, ice cream and brownie combination.

Question: Do you struggle to make healthy choices when you are eating at a restaurant with people? Do you feel a strong pull to snack on food just because it is sitting in front of you, and its the sociable thing to do?

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