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Saturday, May 8, 2010

The race that almost wasn't.

Well after a long day Friday (up at 5am, and out to dinner and not home until after midnight).

We were strong and got out of bed on time not a problem and fueled up on some peanut butter oatmeal and in the car to make the hour drive to Lakefield.

Once we got to the check-in point, we sat in the car. We had to. It was pouring rain. Verging on torrential for a good 15 minutes.
My legs were sore, and sitting around in the dark overcast morning, we got drowsy. I wavered, I became weak. I asked Kevin if he still wanted to do this (the race). Kevin said 'naw, we paid to race today, and we already made the hour drive to get here'.

After a quick trip to a local Tim's to warm up, I told Kevin that I was sure that I just needed to good long stretch and to get my body warm and I would be feeling better.

No doubt too that I was mildly nervous. This race is all just for fun, just for something to do to keep me active. This is not a race for true competition, I run way too slowly for competition. ;-)

Wow stretching really helped my hamstrings and quads feel better! Luckily the rain let up, but didn't come to a complete stop. Remember when I blogged this entry, I love to run in the rain!

All warmed up and waiting for the race to start.
The couple to run together have fun together.
The start & finish line.
Kevin was gracious enough to take lots of pictures of me, and I of him. Remember I am new to the blogging, and as a result Kevin is new to having to help me out with the picture taking.
Wet from the rain. This is just from a light raining. Imagine if it had continued to rain torrentially.
Running along the waterfront. Was so beautiful, and nice change of scenery from running along the sidewalks.
After Kevin took this picture, the ladies behind me said to each other that they wanted to get the name of "that guy with the camera", lol. Not sure if that was a good thing in their minds or not.
Kevin is such a strong runner, and faster than I. He is such a good running partner, that he refuses to run the race at his own pace and leave me to run my own. He will try to run my pace, but then he slowly starts to pull away. And I will without realizing try and keep up with him. It's good in that I will push myself harder, but I haven't quite learned how to properly pace myself for a full non stop 5K race.
Looking good and strong!
Less than 1K to go and feeling I was feeling strong. I had only stopped 3 times for 10 second walking breaks. I was feeling happy that I didn't chicken out and bail on doing the race at all. It's only 5K and when Kevin and I run at home we do 5.3K.
In the final stretch, I picked out a lady in her 40's, in black, who had passed us with her husband around 2.5K. I pointed her out to Kevin. I said her, she's my goal. Kevin told me to go for it. I went from a jog to a slow paced run. I was going to pass this lady and going to cross the finish line before her.
I was tired after passing the lady in black.
Ooops, earbud falling out. lol
Still going strong. Almost at the finish line. I joked with Kevin that I thought they had pushed the finish line back. He thought it was funny.
The lady in black's husband in blue.
Kevin said that he was going to run ahead and cross the finish line before me. this way he said he could get me my first ever picture of me crossing the finish line. What a great guy. I didn't even ask him to do that.
Here I come.
Wow do I look tired. So tired that I didn't even look to Kevin and smile for the camera.

When I crossed the finish line I thought I saw that the time read 35 and change. Kevin disagreed as the time read 32 mins when he crossed and there was no way he was 3 minutes ahead of me. So at most I was 33 mins and change. That is pretty awesome. Sadly I have no idea how to get my official time. I might call up the running room tomorrow to find out.

An orange to refuel after the run and the first dirt incident my shoes suffered since buying them
I was so happy to have lost my race virginity. It wasn't scary though I was nervous, and I can't wait to do my next. Which I am scared for (an 8K race around my home town, Bowmanville), June 6th.

Question: What was going through your mind during your first race?

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