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Friday, February 26, 2010

No Food Pictures

Good afternoon all! ! ! !

Well it's Friday, and I haven't posted since Tuesday evening. I am sorry. I have however been taking pics of my food, I just haven't had the time to stop and post it all. What have I been doing to keep so dang busy? OMG I have been at work and at the gym, with short pit stops at home to change clothes, grab some food and sleep (note I did not mention shower - I will touch on that in a bit).

So I've been working and at the gym eh!!! Yup, that's right. If you remember I have been talking about this beginners triathlon (try-a-tri). Well I started that training on Monday, and this is what I have done so far:

Monday Am
5 min warm up brisk walk at 3.5 speed at 2.5 incline
10 min run at 4.4 speed at 1.00 incline
20 min swim - well I lasted 5.5 laps which took me a lot of O2 and about 10 mins
Sauna for 20 mins

Monday Pm
I had 75 mins of Hot Yoga

Tuesday Am
40 min spin class
15 mins of weights and ab work
30 mins in the sauna relaxing

Wednesday Am
Muscle Moves (weight class) 40 mins
5 min warm up brisk walk at 3.5 speed at 2.5 incline
10 min run at 4.5 speed at 1.00 incline
Sauna relaxing for 20 mins

Thursday Am
40 min Spin class
25 mins in the Sauna

Thursday Pm
75 min Hot Yoga

Cardio Bosu class 40 mins
25 mins in the sauna
*was supposed to swim this morning for 20 mins but my arms were so tired that I was worried I would make it to the deep end and then just sink to the bottom like a rock lol - so I skipped swimming*

I might go swim for 20 mins to make up for not swimming this morning but we'll see. My body clearly needs the rest!

Haven't decided if I'll go or not, or even if there is room;
75 min Hot Yoga

Next week pretty much looks the same, except instead of going to Hot Yoga Monday night I will be going to Step & Pump, and increases to swimming and running are supposed to take place.

The good news is this:

I have lost 3 lbs from the 6 that I had previously lost and then regained over a week or so of treating myself and recovering from skiing.

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