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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Not all here

Well not all here, I do not have a picture of my mid morning snack, because i had finished eating it before I remembered I did not take the picture, and also I was out for a networking event through work, where I had a few finger foods. I was not able to take pictures simply because of the setting. However it is all logged on my food diary on

Breakfast I made myself a peanut butter banana protein shake. Yummm my favourite shake.
Again mid morning snack is MIA, but I had a half cup of cottage cheese with 1 cup of cantaloupe.

Lunch was a very tasty salad that I threw together. 1.5 cups of spring mix lettuce, 1 oz of kraft cracker barrel light cheddar cheese, 1/5 of avocado, 1/2 cup of cucumber, 7 halves of english walnuts with 1 tbsp of the soy ginger dressing. Cant wait to have this again.
Mid day snack I had a grapefruit. Self explanatory, sorry not very exciting.

At 4:15 I ate my yogurt, bran buds and blueberries for a 'dinner'. This is because I went to a Networking event put on by the Whitby Chamber of Commerce. This networking event was at a Whitby Indian restaurant. I know that typically Indian food is bad because of the sodium and the calories all loaded up in the sauces, so I thought eat before I go and I wouldn't be or get hungry and start to gorge on the Indian food.

While at the networking I had one of each of these and they were all fairly decent, however lots of fats from being fried and CARRRRBS! lol but everything in moderation right. And really networking the room I couldn't have not had anything as everyone I was talking to in the room was eating and asking if I was going to have any.
So I had 1 Chicken Pakora, 1 veggie samosa spinach bhaji 1 Aloo Tikki (which is the potato thinger). It should be noted that these 4 things are a total of 715 calories. Yipes!
I went to spin class this morning and managed to burn 430 calories in the 40 min class which was great considering I had a sh*t bike. The tension knob was all gummed up. It was actually one that was broke a few weeks ago, and so they have loosened the tension knob but not to the very start of the tension so the start is a med tension lol. Also did some weights and ab work after then sat in the sauna.
Calories burned: 1,218
Calories intake: 2,033 (sounds like a lot but really I burned 1,218 of those which translate to an addition of 1,218 to my daily allowance of 1,390 calories. Make sense?)

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