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Sunday, February 21, 2010


So I have totally fallen off the blog wagon haven't I? Its been over 10 days since I have blogged. Now what happened that started the falling off of the wagon was the Family day long weekend. Kevin and I went away to Blue Mountain for 3 nights. Kevin had previously downhill skied once back in grade 6, myself I had never downhilled skied, cross country once in grade 6. We both really enjoyed skiing, rented some skies and got some lessons. Basically we spend from 1:30 to 7:30 we were in our skis.

The funny story from our ski lesson is that well Kevin and I did really well in our lessons compared to the rest of the group. The instructors were asking us if we had ever skied before. So station on, get to know your skis, step in your skis, learn to move your feet out and in while wearing your skies and basic moving in a square shape in your skis. Station 2, you are starting to go up a hill. Walk up this small incline, then ski down towards the instructor and shifting your feet out slow down. Station 3 go to the bunny hill and figure it out yourself. There was a few instructors there and one taught Kevin and I how to ski in an S shape. We felt pretty comfortable, and Kevin was ready to move to the next hill "big baby". Now I was not read, why? Because big baby involved a chair lift, and was a significantly bigger hill. I stayed on the bunny hill for 2 more runs and decided I would try the big baby with Kevin.
In the chair lift I was nervous. As a kid I had many friends that suffered what I would consider major accidents while skiing (one girl fell from the chairlift and got her ski pole through her upper lip, another crashed into a tree and had major surgery to repair it). So we are going up the chair lift and it stops! I AM FREAKING OUT! my stomach is up in my throat and I am holding on to the safety bar like no other. Finally it starts to move again. We get up to the top of the hill and I manage to get off the chair lift no problems.
Now I am too scared to go down the hill. It looks very steep and I have a fear of falling and falling while going fast. Kevin is doing his best to try and calm me down and reassures me that I am skilled enough for this hill based on what we learnt in the lessons. No go. Then I get a text message. Its one of my very good friends Amanda. She and her boyfriend Nick are there at Blue Mountain too and want to know where we are so they can come and meet up with us. I tell her where I am and that I am trapped at the top of the ski run. After prob only 10-15 mins they are at the top of the hill with us. Amanda reassures me and teaches me how to zig zag down the hill snow ploughing. Yeah I got down the big baby hill.
I had so much fun we did that hill so many more times and discovered a through the trees run that was off the same hill. Man that hill scared the bejesus out of me. We are skiing at night, and though there are lots of lights to light the run, I am nervous. I am nervous because on the left side of the run the run cuts off into a ditch. I am no longer confident in my turning to the left and not falling into the ditch. So I basically do the run multiple times all the while just hugging the right.
So 7:30 comes and we decide to part ways, so Kevin and I can return our rentals and so Nick and Amanda can go back and get their skis off and get their shoes on so we can head into the village to get some dinner.
Great great experience skiing. Kevin and I are definitely looking to go out and ski again this year.

So yeah, that was my 3 day weekend (i only talked about the one day because the rest of the weekend I was so sore from skiing that I could hardly do anything lol).

But I had a busy week this past week with work I was just so tired that I didn't have the energy to blog. I did take pictures and I did log my meals and workouts on every day (not over the weekend remember bad Internet connection in the chalet - did I mention that earlier?!)

Through this week too I discovered This is a beginners triathlon. 375m swim, 10k bike ride and 2.5k run. Totally achievable at a beginners level. So I haven't signed up for it yet, but I am going to in the next few days. So exciting and kinda scary trying a triathlon. Its called try-a-tri. So cool. Anyways I have found a 10 week training schedule that I am going to start tomorrow. Start adding more running (for now on the treadmill - outside come May), sticking to spin class (esp Thurs as the instructor isn't' as fun - and outside bike riding come May), and adding swimming to my workout regime. Come summer time when the lakes warm up I will defiantly start swimming in open water to get used to that.

So with regards to my physical activity lately since I last blogged that is what I have been up to.

Last night Kevin and I had our basement party. After much hard work finishing a bsmt from scratch for almost 6 months we wanted to show off the hard work. So we had a few close friends over for some beers, snacks, some DJ hero for the Wii, we had a great time. Kevin got lots of compliments on the good work he did down in the bsmt.

Hope to stay in better touch from here on in.

~ M ~

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