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Monday, February 1, 2010

Lots of Family on Sunday

I saw both sides of my family Sunday, and no this wasn't anything horrible. I saw my parents and one of my brothers Sunday. Let me back track for a min here. For Christmas Kevin, I and my two brothers gave the gift of drywall to my parents. Their ceiling in their basement has been unfinished for 10+ years, and recently they tore out the gas fireplace from the one wall leaving it all open and exposed. So, yes we gave them the gift of drywall and labour to finished these up. So Saturday while I was working, Kevin went out with my parents to Mill works and The Home Depot to get drywall, mud, tape, tap con concrete screws, a new sink and vanity for the downstairs bathroom and insulation both for the exterior wall, and some soundproofing insulation to put up in the ceiling.
Anyways, there were a few other things that needed to be bought before the HRTC expired (today) that needed picking up. So my dad came over and picked up Kevin to get those things. I stuck around the house to wash a load of laundry. When i grabbed the laundry out of my bathroom, the bathroom door knocked my shower curtain rod down (now this is a constant occurrence). So after the laundry was washed and hanging to dry I went out to The Home Depot to get one of those curved hotel styled shower curtains that get drilled in, instead of the spring pressured one (that i have). Hey look who I parked beside, my dads truck. So I went in and first people I see right in front of me, my dad and Kevin. I got my shower curtain rod and chatted with them a while, before headed over to my parents house to visit with mom.
When Kevin and dad were done they came back to mom and dads house. We watched some movie called "surrogates". After the movie was done, well it was 4:30, so Kevin and I went home.
At home we had a message from Kevin's brother Dan. So we called back and they invited us over for dinner, to visit their two girls, and after play some Wii. So we went over. Good times.

So what did I eat while visit family all day. Well I must say with the exception of dessert after dinner I was good and stayed on the right track.

I started my day off with 3 egg whites and one whole egg, mixed with 2 tbsp of feta cheese and 1/2 of a tomato cut up and scrambled. I added 1 slice of chicken bacon on the side. (Kevin got 3 whole eggs over easy with 2 butter slices of toast and I don't even remember how many pieces of real bacon - not that I eat pork bacon, but still). I also had 1 cup of coffee with 1/4 cup of skim milk and 1 tsp of sugar with breakfast.
I ended up not having a snack between breakfast and lunch as Sunday was my day off. I did not go to the gym and did not get out of bed till 10:10. So I really didn't need or have room for a mid morning snack as I had breakfast mid morning, lol.

Lunch I had 20 mini mini boconccini, 15 grape tomatoes halved, a pinch of coarse salt, and 1 tsp of olive oil, and 12 fresh basil leaves torn up. Mmmm so yummy!

By 1:00 I was hungry so I grabbed a cheese string. Look at Caleb le crabe, hehe.
I was still having a really hard time feeling alert, maybe because I didn't go to the gym, because I slept in so late, either way, I needed a jolt of something strong. So I fired up my espresso maker. I made myself 2 shots of espresso, with 1 cup of skim milk, flavoured with 1 tsp of vanilla, and i 1tsp white sugar. Sadly though I never did at any point through the day feel fully alert.
Like I said, dinner over at the in laws. Mmmm tacos! Luckily Dawn my sister in law doesn't eat beef or pork like me, so lean ground turkey seasoned with fajita seasoning. I limited myself to 2 tacos, as I had 6 walnuts before going over. I put the meat on my taco, had the cheddar cheese, sour cream, franks red hot sauce, salsa and romaine lettuce on my tacos. MmmmmMmmm Good!
For dessert Kevin and I took over some Nestles Fudge Brownie Sunday Ice Cream. But Dawn also had Byers Double Churned cheesecake ice cream. that sounded better to me so I went for that. I taste tested Kevin's ice cream selection which was the fudge brownie Sunday, and I liked it so much better. So after having about 1.5 cups of the double churned cheesecake ice cream, I had about a cup of the fudge brownie Sunday. So delicious! Ice cream truly is my weakness.

Total calories burned just from walking around and moving through the day: 469, and my calories taken in was 1812. Meh, it was the weekend lol.

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