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Friday, January 29, 2010

Sodium soduim soduim

Good evening!

I gotta say, I really feel that the website is a great website, as ling as you are aware of how to be healthy. I have several friends on the website, to support each other. However I have found that people aren't staying accountable even to themselves. I know that this is going to work for me because regardless of eating healthy or not I am keeping track of what I am putting into my body. I really think even if I wasn't actively trying to lose weight, I might simply by default.

Yesterday I went to Jack Astors for dinner with a couple of girls from work (you can read about it on yesterdays blog). Anyway like I said yesterday I packed up half my meal right when it was brought out to me to prevent me from over eating. So anyways, I was able to use myfitnesspal to see how even half a serving of Pad Thai from Jack Astors puts me way WAY over my daily sodium for the day.

So this morning I got upto go to the gym for Cardio Bosu class at 6:10am. Class was great, and the instructor told us that the routines we have been doing for the last few classes were going to get changed up next week to challenge us more. Well oh boy, I can't wait to see how badly that will make me sweat because I still work up a mean sweat as it is. Sadly on my way to the gym I realized that I left my prepacked lunch bag in the fridge. So I resolved that after Cardio Bosu I would do some treadmill work then pack up and head home and grab my lunch and shower in my own clean (cuz I'm always showering at the gym) shower. That was a nice change. And the good news, I still made it to work on time :-)

Well for my meals for today, weeelllll, not all healthy, but what can you do?!?!

Breakfast I didn't have enough O.J, and I was a lil sad to say the least. So I had some Vanilla Chai milk by Bolthouse. Also if you have been keeping up with your southern Ontario weather, you will know that it is so bitterly freezing cold out right now. Perfect morning for some Quaker Oatmeal (heart smart quick cooking oats). I tossed in 1 oz of skim milk to help cool the oatmeal, and 1 tbsp of crasins.

Well the morning was quick and cold. I have a heater in my office that Kevin bought for me when first started (cuz I was cold back in Nov - I had no idea what I was in for). So I managed to get a nice hot coffee in before I had to head out for my 11am meeting at a local school. so 1 cup of coffee, 2 oz skim milk and 1 tsp of white sugar.
When I got back from the meeting at 12:30, I headed right for my lunch. Yup that left over high sodium content veggie pad thai. Mmmm it was just as good as it was last night. Everyone in the office was asking me too what I was eating cuz it smelled so good too. However though my taste buds were enjoying the pad thai, my brain was thinking salt salt salt salt, water retention, water retention, water retention. LOL Whatever its just 2 meals out of my week. Meh.

Shortly after work I had my kids snack. Cheese string! Though I did not make myself one, you can clearly see our friend Gigi La girafe. Isn't she lovely?!

2 hours later I had my 7 halved strawberries I would have had as my morning snack had I had more time.

Dinner didn't happen until 6:30 because I went and had some fun at the grocery store buying all kinds of goodies for meals over the weekend. I won't give you any hints, you will just have to keep checking in to find out what I bought.
So yeah, dinner, I had 1/4 cup of long grain wild rice, with sauteed red onion and 2 kids of mushrooms (shitaki and crimini). I then broiled up 4 oz of halibut. It was a success, even Kevin liked it.

So my input output for calories today was 1640 calories taken in and calories burned was 1230. Not too shabby. I drank about 10 8 oz glasses of water too. *whispers, thats a lot of trips to the w/c*
Sweet dreams
~ M ~

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