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Monday, January 25, 2010


So it's now Monday, and I am just now finding the time to getting around to making another post. When you aren't used to having to find the time to get on the computer, esp over the weekend, you suddenly realize how hard it is. So let me recap first off that rather than keeping a food diary that only I see, knowing that friends, family and strangers will be able to read what I've eaten I feel way more accountable and guilty about my cheats.

so. . . .

Friday started off strong, with healthy choices, here you can see my 1/3 cup of oat meal with cinnamon and about 6oz of O.J

I had a raspberry protein smoothie for a snack, but then come lunch is when things started to go down hill. I had a staff meeting at work that started at Lunch. They ordered pizza, which I initially opted out of as they ordered 2 pizzas with meat on them (ham, pepperoni, ground meat etc), and figured that once the staff meeting was over I would just eat my salad that I packed.

Well the meeting went till 2pm, and sadly i was so famished that salad just wasn't going to help me. So i went down to the pizza pizza that is right beside the office and got myself a cheese slice with dipping sauce and a coke for lunch. I hang my head in shame lol.

Dinner was mildy better. My birthday was a couple of weeks ago, so myself and two of my girlfriends had set a date to go out for dinner at Milestones. I had preselected my dinner meal ahead or two a head (which is always a smart thing to do when you are trying to stick to healthy choices). I had picked out a Californian Style Salad, which sadly I can't post as it is taken with my other camera and I do not have that with me right now. However you can see it on the Milestones website. I ordered it so that half the salad was already pre packed to take home so I only ate a half serving. Because I had an "around the world tasting" of dips and nan bread. Top that off with two Bellini's.

I know I'm bad and don't have pictures of them, but the other part of this blog that is going to take some getting used to is that every time you are out to eat you are having to remember to dig out your camera and snap a picture before you eat, and if you are out at a social meal than to even remember about it at all.

After dinner we went to Dmitri's where I did remember to take out my camera . . . .

my LG vanilla/hazelnut
steamer & I believe its called fully loaded (peanut butter ice cream, banana, brownies on a belgian waffle, mmmmm)

That was the end of my Friday, which was a real rollercoster. Starting off healthy, going greasy and gross to mildly healthy and then sweet and delicious!

I am not even going to try and touch on Saturday Sunday as I asked my husband what we had for dinner Saturday night and neither of us can even remember, I did not have the time between my other job, cleaning the house and vegging to remember to take pictures or even journal to remember.

I hope to blog later tonight with better documentation of today!

~ M ~

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